Bethnal Green, a place for a few nights in London?  Not what you would normally expect, but then again Town Hall Hotel & Apartments is not what you would expect either…

I have had the privilege of the occasional night there before, but this time I had 4 of them.  Perils of long hours and lots of events all at the same time, so this Mr Smith decided to make the most of it and stay over, courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith and The Town Hall.

After a very brisk walk from Old Street (running late as normal), I was welcomed with a nice glass of cool water, checked in went to the room.  I was lucky enough to get an Exec 1 bed apartment and I have to confess when I walked in I had a moment.  The room looked very big but I could not see the bed, I turned round and still could not see it, but then found the sliding door to open out in to the bedroom, a moments panic was now over.

For me personally I love the hotel, the service is good but relaxed and not pompous and believe it or not Bethnal Green is a great location.  It gives me chance to go on some great foodie adventures and then get back to the hotel for a relaxing drink in the bar.  Also, a good walk to and from work means I can eat more 🙂
Oh and if you get chance try and get a good look around the hotel, especially the old council chamber.  Every part of the hotel is stunning in terms of architecture and also some stunning art

Just around the corner at the moment is StreetFeast, Hawker House and I just love going there.  More details coming soon and I am going to the final weekend so more to follow.

The restaurant scene is not exactly shabby either, keep an eye out for some pics on that.

I know that people think that just being a Mr Smith must not be nice for travel and adventure, but trust me it really has it’s upsides as well.  Everywhere I go I get great service, friendly people and just have a damn good time, and some times a lot of luxury as well.  As long as you are nice and friendly, and not a stereo typical business man with head in book or paper and engage with people, restaurants and hotels are a great place to be a single Mr Smith.  Service is amazing and you get to chat to more people than most couples I see going out, who do not talk to each other, let alone anyone else.

It is going to be hard to do but I have 2 more nights at the Town Hall in December, tough job but some has to do it.

Roll on the lottery win and I might just move in!

PS – if you spot a Mrs Smith in a picture, that is Mrs Smith no. 2, not the Mrs Smith.  Check out the About Me if that confuses

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