Town Hall Hotel & Apartments – Part 2

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As part of my Christmas I had another couple of nights at The Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green.  I know I am lucky but it is part of the reward for some long hours recently.  Plus I needed to be there for my Xmas Party, see the post about Viajante

This time was more about having somewhere to put my head down and relax and sleep well, whilst going out for amazing food.
On the subject of food, I treated myself to a room service breakfast, which is a very rare thing for me.  I knew that I wanted something fairly substantial, but was not sure how much I would get.  So I ordered the Granola and continental breakfast that came with cold cuts and cheese, but as I wanted to ensure that it saw me the through the day, I knew I would not have time for any lunch, I order the Asparagus, Mushroom and Egg as well.
As you will see, there was rather a lot!  I did manage to finish it all.  The problem being it tasted so good I could not stop!  It did the trick though, no more food was required until 7 pm that evening and that was just a snack.
Roll on the next visit!

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