Christmas Food

Christmas in the ‘Smith’ household is not quite the stereotype.  It is normally a quiet affair as there is only a very small family, so with that in mind the food is tailored on that basis.  Also, the food celebrations are mainly on Christmas Eve, but there is a lot of food over a couple of days.

It is just myself and my Mum, but that does not stop me doing some nice food.

It started with lunch the day before Xmas eve.

Apologies again for the pics.  There was a problem with the camera, as although it was on a tripod it seems to have had the shakes on the long exposures for the low light.

It was a nice light lunch to start with, just a little cheese with some pork pie.  In the oven was some soda bread and sausage rolls and also on the table was a home-made liver and chorizo pate, which turned out really nice and pretty easy to make.  If any one wants the recipe I can post that another time

After a nice relaxing afternoon, waiting for the storm to really kick off, it was time for pulled pork.  This had been in the oven from the moment that the lunch time bread had come out.  My first attempt at it and it did pull!  Also tasted lovely and served on a bit of sourdough with sticky beetroot in balsamic vinegar

After a night of sleeping off the food and listening to the storm ripping things apart around the area, it was time for breakfast.  I had made some homemade baked beans, which were lovely with a bit of spice.  They were served on a bit of sourdough, with some duck egg scrambled eggs and homemade bacon.  This was a bit of a revelation and so easy to do.  Ideally it should have been a boneless pork belly joint, but I had slices.  Just mix some smoked paprika, salt and pepper together, rub all over the pork and then wrap in lots and lots of foil, put in the oven at 90c for 3 1/2 hours and then turn off and leave it there for a couple of hours.  Chuck it in the fridge and then fry or grill the next day for breakfast.

As I used slices the rub was all over them so possibly a bit spicier than it would be if you did a joint and then sliced after cooking, but I loved them as they were

Now for the main event of the Xmas meal, these were a couple of blinis served with a rhubarb chill chutney with cured British pork loin and smoked salmon with creme fraiche.  I had an issue with the cream fraiche as I put it on the blini to quick and the first lot melted all over the plate, which is why it is a mess

Then it was the @TomKerridge inspired main course.  It was the roast duck with honey and soy, served with braised lettuce and his carrots cooked with star anise.  Additionally I did some duck fat roasties and parsnip mash, delicious!  Carrots are definitely going to be added to my list of staples

Finally, and I will confess that this was not home made, we had a Sticky Toffee Pudding.  This was from Cartmel and it is stunningly good.  Just to make it even healthier it was served with double goats cream and a vanilla ice cream from Green & Blacks.  The drink on the side was a late harvest Sauvignon Blanc

Finally, it was time for the Christmas Day breakfast.  I did a quick duck hash dish, served with the baked beans again, accompanied by a fried duck egg and crispy duck skin, which I took off the leg and put between to trays in the oven to crisp up and keep it flat
So that was Christmas over and I am now just working my way through all the left overs 🙂

Author: The Mr Smith

Photographer, Gourmet, Cook, Oenophile, Traveller, International Athlete, Investor, bit of a Geek and observer of life

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