Copenhagen with the other ‘Mrs Smith’

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Earlier in 2013 I went to Copenhagen for a few days, my escape from the real world, and also to catch up with friends.

I know that I have talked about Mrs Smith before, but there is another one and this is a day with her.  This Mrs Smith (known as the ‘Other’ Mrs Smith), is a very good old friend.  Quite a complex story of how we got to know each other, which I will save for another day (hopefully to be included when we have another catch up and day or weekend out, currently being planned).

Mrs Smith currently lives just outside Malmo, but had never been to Copenhagen so it was a perfect opportunity to catch up and for me to play the tour guide.  I have the advantage of having been a few times before.

It was a lovely, but cold, day in Copenhagen and I met Mrs Smith from the train.  Not a long journey over the bridge for her, and from that point on I was in tour guide mode.  Obviously making sure I took in good places and also places I wanted to see.

Myers Deli Breakfast

I had made a promise to Mrs Smith that I would take her for breakfast at the best place, in my opinion anyway, in Copenhagen.  We walked and talked for about 15 minutes and arrived at Myers Deli.  We settled down and ordered breakfast and I basically had a lovely breakfast selection.  Mrs Smith agreed that it was a great start to the day.  So much so that we went to their deli in Magasin later in the day for Mrs Smith to buy supplies to take home


After a leisurely breakfast we headed off around Copenhagen.  One of the first ports of call was Our Saviours Church in Christianhavn.  You can get up to the top and get some great views of the city, definitely worth the effort of the climb

View of the Opera House

You can get right up to the top of the roof.  Mrs Smith was not so keen on doing the very final part so I headed up the final few steps on my own.  The views are great.  It is quite a climb up, but was worth it

After the climb it was definitely time for some refreshments.  We found a nearby bakery and tucked in to a little snack each and a cuppa.  Mrs Smith was very impressed with the bakery and the fact there are bakeries all over the city.  Personally, I would love the UK to be like this with bakeries all over the place, they are great and so much better than chain coffee shops

Mrs Smith in the Royal Stables

Mrs Smith is a fan of horses and works with them all the time, so I thought we should head along to the Royal Stables for a look round.  Do not tell anyone, but this is the other Mrs Smith with one of the horses.

The Royal Stables
Royal Palace

After that it was definitely time for a sit down and a breather.  We had walked miles around the town. So in Nyhavn it was time for a glass of vino, a sit down and more catching up

Opera House

After feeling refreshed and reinvigorated we headed off to see more sites, including the Opera House.


As you can see from all the ice, it was cold!  Mind you, it did not stop us walking all day and in total we did something like 10-12 miles

Sculpture and Opera House

After the Opera House were were heading in the direction of the Little Mermaid.  Well, it has to be part of a tour trip, but one visit is enough though 🙂  We stumbled across this sculpture on the way up to it, quite randomly placed but very interesting with how it is done from various parts

Mrs Smith at the Little Mermaid

Yes, another picture to the other Mrs Smith.  Do not expect to see any of the current Mrs Smith, she is camera shy 🙂  We had made it to the Little Mermaid, ticked it off the list and headed back in to town.  At this point we were both tired from the walking and getting cold!  It was getting late in the day and the temperature was dropping and Mrs Smith had to return to her normal life while I stayed in Copenhagen.

We had a great day catching up, after what had been too long since we last saw each other, and I loved playing the tour guide.  Mrs Smith said that she had a lovely day and we are trying to make plans for another trip in 2014, watch this space as we hope to do something in the spring

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