Other than eating and drinking I also do photography as a hobby.  This has been on and off over the last few years, sadly more off than on due to work, but I have had lots of fun doing various types of modelling shoots.

A while back I was approached by Anna to do some shots.  The initial thought was, was she related?  No, but she does have the same surname and it is not exactly a common one so that was a big coincidence.  Anyway, we have since become friends and have done a couple of modelling shoots, plus some food related shots (will follow in a separate post) and this is about the first of the shoots.
Anna is the type of model that likes to experiment and do different things so we can come up with different ideas.  She is also comfortable doing nude work so that allows a lot more options.
The first shoot was outdoors in the local woods.  We headed off up the road, bag in hand with the camera and accessories and walked 15 minutes in to beautiful, but chilly woodland.  I had 2 specific things in mind, one was to try some Robert Farber style nude shots and the other was to play around with a body stocking to see what effect and shapes we could get.  As with everything Anna through herself in to it and despite it getting colder did some amazing shots and we used the natural environment of the woods as our backdrop.

Luckily I know the woods quiet well and that no one would come by so there was no real danger of being seen doing the shots.  I am always concerned about causing offence to anyone

Playing around with the body stocking and using a fallen tree as a back drop and also natural cover

More to come from Anna in another post where we used a very nice hotel for some shots

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