I stumbled across an event on Twitter, called Try Swedish.  As someone that has been to Sweden a couple of times and would love to go a lot more, I had to check it out.  It turned out to be an evening hosted by Gizzi Erskine and all about Swedish food, specifically from the West of Sweden.  At that point I was sold and bought myself a ticket.

This was a solo adventure for Mr Smith, but anything to do with food is fine on my own.  I never object to food events alone as there is common ground with everyone there and there are always people to talk to.

So, along I went to see what it was all about.  I walked from work across London to find the venue and headed on in.  It was a very warm welcome and the pictures will lead you through the journey of the evening.

The purest ice I have ever known.  It is so clear and dense it takes a long time to melt, which makes the drinks so nice, and yes they did bring their own ice over and I found out that it was river ice.
I am not normally an oyster fan, but as I was there and offered one it would have been rude not to try.    If only all oysters tasted like this.  My mind said that they should taste of the sea, but the over riding impact on my palette was one of total freshness and a clean taste.  I even managed to chew a couple of times as well.  I know that if I get to the West of Sweden I will be having oysters again
After the oyster I was presented with a delicate looking dish which turned out to be a Canape of Raw Reindeer with a quails egg and bleak roe.  This just goes to show how delightful food can be without cooking.  Relies totally on the quality of the ingredients but these were stunning, I could have had loads of them, but was resisting as I knew there would be more food to try
The evening was being hosted by Gizzi Erskine +Gizzi Erskine along with Try Swedish and the West Sweden Tourist Board.  We were having a talk a the beginning of the evening when the fire alarm went off.  Evacuation happened and so as not to loose out on some of the time the talk and explanations of Swedish food continued outside.  It turned out it was something to do with a contractor working on another part of the building, not one of the chefs burning something 🙂
The Swedish Chefs – For those of a certain age that might put a smile on your face
It was a hands on workshop where we all watched what was happening and also helped out.  I was on pea puree stirring duty, getting it up to heat and making sure a good chunk of butter melted through it
All hands on deck with the serving.  As well as the prep of the puree I was also the one that plated it.  I need to work on my smear technique!
The cheese being grated over the Char
The good news was that there were drinks to go with the food.  The bad news for me was that there was a beer.  I have never been a beer drinker, but in the spirit of trying new things I gave it a go and to my surprise (and those that know me) I finished it off.  Must be something about Swedish beer that I like, we had Gustafs Finger!
The finished dish, Smoked Char with my per puree, brown butter, grilled lettuce & maximus cheese.  I love this sort of food and this was exactly what I expected it to be, delicious!
And now for some more raw food.  Tartar of langoustines & oysters with mussels (cooked) & apple.  The flavours were amazing.  Sadly not everyone could eat it, the people next to me could not bring themselves to eat raw fish, not good for them, but great for me as they offered me theirs to finish 🙂
All 3 dishes on the tray waiting to be polished off
The table learning about Swedish wine.  Yes, I did say that, Swedish Wine!  I was not aware that it was produced but I have to say it was surprisingly good
Mmmmm, cheese!  My biggest food weakness is cheese and these were great and served with pine needles in a syrup
And finally, caramelised apple with salted caramel.  That hit the sweet spot 🙂

Sadly that was it, it was then time to head home, but I was heading home with great flavours in my mouth and the desire to head to the West of Sweden to go and hunt out some of this amazing food

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