Mr Smith’s Year End Report – 2013

As we ended the year I thought it would be interesting to look back at few things I have done this year, compare with previous years and grade myself.


2012 2013 Change
Mountain Bike (m) 985 1049 64
Trainer (Hybrid)(m) 0 144 144
Total (miles) 985 1193 208

Veloviewer Information

2012 2013 Change
Veloviewer (rating) 36.33 67.95 31.62
Activities 84 106 22
Total Elevation (ft) 48452 57378 8926
Total Time 3d 15:45:12 4d 00:10:35 09:25:23
Max Distance (m) 33 38 5
Max Elevation(ft) 2511 3537 1026
Max Time 04:16:15 03:09:35 -01:06:40

Grade = B-  

Did some very good routes and time away but not focused enough.  Target for this coming year is 2014 miles in total.  These can either be on the mountain bike, the trainer, rowing or running, gulp, I mentioned running and I do not do running but might start.

Health & Fitness

01/01/2013 31/12/2013 Change
Weight (lbs) 188.2 154.9 -33.3
Body Fat (%) 19.6 13.0 -6.6
Body Water (%) 54.5 59.7 5.2
Bone Mass (lbs) 7.5 6.7 -0.8
Muscle Mass(lbs) 143.7 128.1 -15.6
Physique Rating 5 5 0
Visceral Fat 8 5 -3
Metabolic Age 35 29 -6

Grade = A

Very impressed with the wight loss this year and definitely a lot more toned than I was and lost the gut!  2 1/2 stone is a bigger loss than I thought but it does mean that nothing fits!


I was very lucky to go to some amazing restaurants last year.  I will be doing some retrospective blog posts so will not say too much, but the ones I have loved and had a great time at have been:

  • Kokkeriet – Copenhagen
  • Geranium – Copenhagen
  • Crafthouse – Leeds
  • Glyn Purnell’s – Birmingham
  • Cinnamon Club – London
  • Viajante – London
  • The Pot Kiln – Berkshire

Grade = B+

Although I have done a lot and some very nice ones I am greedy and want to explore more.

Street Food

Well, this has been an amazing year for Street Food, as you can probably tell for other posts already.

  • Street Feast – 5 times in 3 locations
  • British Street Food Awards
  • Gizzie Erskine’s Twisted Christmas
  • Feast
  • Whitecross Market, lots of times as it is an easy walk from work
  • Yum Bun – There pop up shop at Old Street lots of times
Grade = A-
Could have been an A+ if I had discovered Street Food things a bit earlier in the year and I did miss a couple of events for various, but will not be doing that next year.  I am going to strive for that A+


Last year has not been so much about international travel, just the one trip away to Copenhagen which is one of my favourite places, but there has been a lot of discovering the UK.

On the travels I have stayed in some great hotels and they have all been very accommodating as I have tended to take the bike with me and need to store it, but more about them in a minute.  The UK visits this year have been:

  • Exeter
  • Devon (specifically Dartmoor)
  • Somerset
  • Wiltshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Liverpool
  • London of course but I do not count that as I work there but I have also spent some time exploring

Grade = B-

Probably a B+ for the UK but definitely a C for foreign travel.  I am hoping to rectify that this year or next with a big trip


As mentioned above I stayed in some great ones last year and they have all been UK ones.  The one in Copenhagen was fine, but I had not gone for a top end one.  But in terms of the UK these have been my favourites this year, all courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith who do not mind me booking them as just a ‘Mr Smith’.  You might now work out why I have chosen to call this the adventures of a ‘Mr Smith’

  • Magdalen Chapter – Exeter
  • Weeke Barton – Dartmoor
  • Talbot Inn – Somerset
  • Swan at Wedmore – Somerset
  • Beckford Arms – Wiltshire
  • Hope Street Hotel – Liverpool
  • Stoke Park – Buckinghamshire
  • Town Hall Hotel & Apartments – Bethnal Green, London (several times)
Grade = B+
Always room for improvement but a pretty good year for hotels, If I sort the travel out for next year then it may be an A
Overall, a pretty good year for most things.  Even though I do a lot of these things as ‘Mr Smith’ the times with ‘Mrs Smith’, ‘Mrs Smith number 2’ and the ‘Other Mrs Smith’ have been great and it does make things better sharing them but I am not going to miss out and will continue to have adventures
Roll on 2014, have a great New Year
Veloviewer 2013
Veloviewer 2013

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