The Mrs Smith’s

I have been asked quite a few times who the Mrs Smith’s are.  Well I can’t to give too much away about them, but they are good friends of mine, but just good friends!  A quick overview for you:

Mrs Smith:

She is the original Mrs Smith for sharing adventures with.  Mainly London based and all about food, drink and fitness.  We always have a fab time together and although she is the London based one I enjoy finding new and exciting events and places for us to go and explore that she is always surprised and delighted about.  If you knew more about her you would know that is not always easy to do as she gets to go on some amazing events, but I am hopefully showing her some new and exciting things and experiences, the Christmas Party being a prime example.

‘Mrs Smith No 2’:

This is another very good friend of mine from where I live.  She is a very talented artist and also a drinking and eating buddy, are you getting the theme of things?  We tend to have very good nights catching up and drinking wine and eating.  Mrs Smith No 2 is vegetarian but a very adventurous diner so although no meat we can go out and try some amazing new things and have good adventures together.

‘Other Mrs Smith’:

This is possibly the most complicated of the lot, but this Mrs Smith is the longest serving friend of the Mrs Smith’s to date.  We have only ever actually met a handful of times (due to geographical reasons) but have known each other for 15 years or more.  The ‘Other Mrs Smith’ might also be known as my Continental Mrs Smith as she lives in Sweden and our adventures, for now at least, are likely to be European ones.

Since I have started the blog it has been interesting to see that people are intrigued by the Mrs Smith’s and who they are, and even some others wanting to be a Mrs Smith so keep an eye out for new Mrs Smith’s.  Some might be ‘for one night only’ joining me for a one off event or others will be more like the original Mrs Smith and more regular events and adventures.

Keep an eye out for adventures of the Mr and various Mrs Smith’s and I will make sure any new ones are clearly identified.

If anyone else would like to join me on an adventure just let me know

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