When I was last in Copenhagen, the time I was showing the ‘Other Mrs Smith’ round, I had a few days before her visit and this was all about food and eating!

My basic philosophy when I am away is to walk everywhere that I possibly can and burn off the calories so that I can have totally and utterly guilt free (not that I ever feel guilty about eating) food and wine.

The first of my meals was at Kokkeriet.  I had been in contact with the Maitre’d before hand and exchanged a few emails so they knew they were just going to have a Mr Smith for the evening, but that worked out brilliantly.

After doing about 15 miles of walking in the day I walked from the hotel to the restaurant and found it on the corner of a a street, walked in and received a very friendly and welcome greeting.  I was shown to my table in the corner and seated.  Now do not think I was being shoved in the corner because I was a single diner, it was  (in my opinion) the best seat I could have had.  I had a great view of the whole restaurant and could indulge in one of my favourite pastimes of people watching.

Also, the location I had was next to the private dinning room.  They run evenings where you can get in to the kitchen, watch and help with the food prep and then eat it.  Sadly the night I was there they were fully booked, but I could see the table enjoy their food.  Dinning in Denmark is so easy, the staff have always been so friendly and their English is always perfect which makes conversations about food so easy.

As with most of my meals I was having a tasting menu with matched wine, I just find it a great way to explore new flavours and tastes.  Make sure you scroll all the way down as there is more at the end 🙂

Well, it would have been rude not too!  Given the option of some fizz to start with and then a choice between 2 so I just had to plump for the Krug.  I firmly believe that you need to try these things and it may be the only time I get to have some Krug.  The only problem was that it was bloody gorgeous and I could easily get a taste for it!
So on to the food.  Well, the snacks before the food.  These were delightful little ‘Cheese Straws’
The cheese straws were followed up with a very crisp cracker served with a little portion of onion puree.  You would not want any more than that as it was intense and delicious
This was described to me as a Salmon Sandwich, but not like your normal sarnie.  This was salmon roe in between 2 very delicate crackers
Next up was another sandwich, this time an open sandwich of quail egg and radish
Still on the snacks before the food, but this was the last of them.  The shrimp cracker, not your average Chinese restaurant prawn cracker, was absolutely perfect.  So crisp and full of flavour.
As you can see the location was a good one so I could see what was going on, just to the left was the dinning room with the people that had enjoyed helping with the prep
A couple came and sat on the table next to me and we chatted nicely through the evening, but more about them at the end
Next up was a Danish Carrot salad with crab, which was the start of the transition to the main menu
Part of the decisions I had to make, which were not many, was whether to have an extra course of Caviar.  As with the Krug I just thought why not.  I had never had proper caviar before and sadly, as with the Krug I loved it.  So much nicer than I imagined, I think I must have expense taste!  Oh, and the waiter was good enough to give me some more of the Krug to go with it 🙂
Now for one of my favourite things, bread!
One of the many things I love about Scandinavian dinning is the home made butters to go with the bread, they are stunningly good.  I never eat butter with my bread when I am at home, but in restaurants like this you are daft not to as it is full of flavour.
Lumpfish Roe & Potato – Ramson, egg yolk & Danish Smoked Cheese
Pear & Scallops – Pan fried kohlrabi, vervain & mussel cream
Turbot – Ceps, Chestnuts & Smoked Marrow
Salted Veal – Breast, sweetbread, hay-baked celery & horseradish
Sadly one of the options on the menu was to have 3 small glasses of wine to match the next course 🙂  They worked perfectly with the Pork and provided 3 very different tastes to go with it.
Glazed Pork – Aniseed, dried berries & beetroot

That was it for the main courses, so now for dessert, but wait, there was a pre dessert as well of a Pickled Cucumber Sorbet

Most of the time people expect the cheese at the end of the meal in the UK, but the continental, or proper way as some might call it (you can make your own mind up on that) is to have it before the dessert
And finally that was the dessert, Jerusalem Artichoke & Coconut – Brown Sugar, Malt & Orange
Just as I was thinking that was the last of the food then came the Petit Fors


Now that was 16 courses, or more precisely dishes, finished off.  Excluding the bread. I had an amazing evening eating all of the that lovely food, chatting to the waiter and the couple on the table next to me.   At the end I looked at my watch and realised I had been in there for just under 4 1/2 hours!

One of the things I had chatted to the Maitre’d about in the emails was the possibility of having a look in the kitchen at the end of the meal and meeting the chef.  I was not worried if that was not possible, but after paying the bill, always the hard part, the waiter came over and invited me in to the kitchen to meet the chef.  I could see the couple on the next table looking on with envy as I was getting ready to leave, but they asked the waiter if they could come in as well and he agreed.

We met David Johansen, the head chef, as he and his team were finishing up in the kitchen.  It was a great way to end the evening, a nice relaxed chat and a bit of a nose around the kitchen.

It has also just been announced that David is going to be the new judge on the Danish version of Masterchef.  Sadly will not be able to watch that, but I think he will be good based on the food he served up and being good enough to chat and show me the kitchen.

So that was that, I left after midnight and strolled back to the hotel, walking off a bit of the food and taking in the cold and crisp night air

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