Hopefully you will remember Anna from a previous post about a photo shoot in the local woods, if not go and check it out, this is a new one in a very nice hotel…

We had been talking for ages about doing another shoot, but due to lots of circumstances we had not had chance to do one, although we had done some of her amazing cakes (post to come in the future).  That changed during the summer of 2013.  I had some time away on a cycling break in the South West and then in Buckinghamshire.  In Mr Smith style I was staying in nice places and had discovered some amazing food and cycling routes on the way, but I had saved the best until last.

I was staying at a magnificent hotel in Buckinghamshire, one that featured in an early Bond film, and had arranged for Anna to come over to the hotel to do some photos and then have dinner afterwards.

The hotel is absolutely stunning and I had been lucky enough to get an upgraded room so I knew we would be able to get some great shots.  As with last time they would be lingerie and art shots and we had agreed to do some shots in the shower, if it was going to be suitable, and when I saw the bathroom I found it to be perfect, so was really looking forward to trying.

I had some limited flash equipment with me but we did most of the photos as natural light ones, which was a really god experience for me.

We started off with a few simple shots in what was a massive bathroom.  Essentially as Anna was getting ready
Then it was time for bed!  Although the shoots I have done with Anna have been nude ones, it is definitely her eyes that draw you in to pictures
The light was flooding in through the window so it was a great opportunity to do some shots in front of it.  Before you think this was a bit exposed the angles we had meant no one would be able to see, and besides nothing was on show
After the lazing around on the bed it was time for a shower.  The shower was huge and it gave me the chance to experiment with angles.  I could stand on the bath and look down, or go to the end of the shower and look in to it, without the danger of the camera getting soaked.
As Anna is up for trying things, she was more than happy to get in the shower in the vest top, once it was warm of course.
From a personal point of view I love how these shots came out and potentially my favourite ones that I have done.
Love how the water looks in front of Anna
A change of angle gives a very different perspective
This worked perfectly and exactly the vulnerable, sad look I wanted with great engagement in to the camera
It was great fun doing the photos and I hope you like the results as much as I do.
After we did the shoot we headed off to the restaurant for dinner.  Anna got herself dry and ready and off we headed.  It was a great dinner and nice to share with Anna (the model Mrs Smith) and let her explore some new foods and enjoy it, whilst also knowing we had done a shoot in the room and no one else would know.
A couple of pictures at the end to show the size of the bathroom and the food from the evening.

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