As you will know from previous posts I have been lucky enough to stay at the Town Hall Hotel and Apartments a few times and recently stayed for an extended period due to work being carried out on the house.

During that stay I had an amazing meal at the Corner Room, stunning breakfasts and room service from them.

I will work backwards from evening meals and down to the breakfasts.

My first day of the extended stay was spent in the Corner Room for a stunningly good evening meal.  With it being a Monday it was not going to be packed, but I had made a reservation and was hoping for a nice relaxed evening full of good food and wine and I was not disappointed.

To start with I would like to apologise for the quality of the pictures of the evening meal.  As nice as the Corner Room is it is not good for food photos, I would not change that at all though.

I sat down and ordered my food and wine, relaxed and read the paper for a bit and watched the world go by.

The first course was baby artichoke with cured beef, which i scoffed with delight
I had been in touch with Hanna, the manager, before I arrived and she came over for a chat.  Always a good thing for Mr Smith to do when travelling, it is good to chat to people and especially people so keen and knowledgeable about their food and wine.
While chatting Hanna recommended I try an extra dish as it was so good.  This was marinated scallops with carrots slow cooked in lactose.  I have to say that it was a very good idea.  The scallops were perfect and with a lovely hint of citrus, without being over powering.  As for the carrots they were amazing.  They sounded simple but the taste was incredible
Next up was my main of Lamb ump with lentils.  The lamb was deliciously tender and the lentils had just the right amount of bite to them.  I know that when I cook them I tend to get them too soft.
At this point I was in need of another glass of wine and Hanna recommended that I treed the Grenache São del coster Pim Pam Poom 2012.  This was quite light and young, but had a lot of flavour and worked really well with the lamb
I was thinking that I had eaten enough by now.  But when I looked at the menu I just could not help myself and I ordered the Parsnip Cake with Cinnamon Ice Cream.  Now what to drink with it?  I am rubbish at knowing what to drink with desserts so it was over to Hanna again.  The recommendation was a Niepoort Ruby Port Duoro.  That was going to be something different and as per normal I was willing to try and it was great and worked really well with the cake and ice cream.
Now I really had to stop before I burst, but it had been a lovely meal and evening.  So it was time to journey on home, well to my room on the next floor up
There were a couple of days when I did not need to go in to the office for various reasons so I treated myself to room service a couple of times.  This was the Reuben Sandwich.  When it arrived I thought it was a bit bigger than I imagined and looked amazing.  All I can say is there was nothing left!
At times I can go for the healthier option and this chicken noodle soup was lovely and light.  It was needed as when staying in hotels all the time and eating out I need to keep things in check, at least some of the time
This gorgeous veg soup was a previous visit
And now time for breakfast. I think this is quite possibly my favourite, Egg & Bacon, or more correctly pork belly and eggs on sourdough.  I can not think of a better way to start the day
Again from a previous visit the salmon and scrambled eggs.
Even the homemade Granola is lovely.  Served with a good dollop of thick tasty yogurt
The breakfast spreads are quite possibly one of the best ones I have ever had.  The cheese and meats are so nice and as for the bread I wish I could make it that nicely and eat it everyday
A beautiful setting for a nice relaxed breakfast

I am not sure when I will next be staying at the hotel, but I know that when I do I will be paying the Corner Room a visit for dinner and breakfast, but may just have to head over there for dinner one evening without staying, the food was that good

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