Wine Tasting with the ‘Younger Mrs Smith’

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It is time to introduce the latest Mrs Smith.  Hopefully you will realise by now that the Mrs Smith’s are friends that I socialise with and have common interests.  The latest member of the Mrs Smith’s club joined me on a wine tasting a few weeks ago.

I had to come up with a name for this Mrs Smith so that she can be distinguished from the other ones, ‘The Mrs Smith’, ‘Mrs Smith No 2’ and ‘The Other Mrs Smith’.  Now this took some debate with this Mrs Smith, but after some debate we agreed on the ‘Younger Mrs Smith’.  Originally she wanted to be the Young Mrs Smith but that would then make it tricky if I shared any adventures with someone younger than her,  so we plumped for the Younger Mrs Smith.  Keep an eye out for future adventures with her.

So this was an evening of wine tasting at the New Street Wine Shop.  It was under the heading of the Big Smoke Wine Tasting where wines would be paired with smoked food.  This was something I was interested to find out about as it is not easy to find a good wine to go with smoked food.

The evening started in typical Mr Smith style.  I was booked in to the Town Hall Hotel, as normal, and agreed to meet Mrs Smith near to Liverpool Street Station, but typically she was running late due to work.  This is a common theme with my Mrs Smith’s.  The original plan was to meet up and have a drink first, but we did not have time for that in the end so headed off to the venue.  We were early, but it was cold so wanted to get inside.

They were not quite ready, but that was fine as we then had time to settle in and have a catch up on lots of things that had been happening before anyone else arrived.

Eventually everyone turned up and the tasting began.  I did not have my camera with me so just snapped a few things on the iPhone.  The pictures below are not very good but give an idea of what we had.

To start with we had some Smoked Haddock with a Quail Egg which was served with a de Devaux` La Cuvée  Devaux champagne.  There is no picture of this as both of us loved the food and the champagne even more and I forgot to take one.  This was a very good start to the tasting.

This was then followed by a dish of Cod Roe with a 2012 Rioja Blanco  Izadi, La Rioja from Spain.  I only told Mrs Smith what cod roe is after she ate it.  Mrs Smith had not had a white Rioja before so that was a new experience.

Following hard on the heels was some delicious Smoked Salmon with a 2011 Chardonnay, Trinity Hill Gimblett Gravels, Hawkes Bay from New Zealand, which I thought was delicious.  At this stage Mrs Smith was still favouring the Champagne, she has expensive taste 🙂

Now we moved on to what was going to be challenging and new for Mrs Smith, these were the red wines.  In the time I have known her I have never seen her drink red, mainly for vanity as it stains the teeth!  But this night she was up for trying anything.  Along came the dish of Pork with a Smoked Apple Sauce served with a 2011 Russian River Valley, Pinot Noir, De Loach from California.  To my delight Mrs Smith was happy to drink this and I loved it, to the point I bought a bottle at the end of the evening.

The final element of the tasting was some lovely smoked chicken which came along with a Barolo, 2012 Dolcetto d`Alba G.D. Vajra, Piemonte, ITALY

At the end of the drinking we compared what we thought was the best, which is all down to personal taste as all the wines were good.  Not surprisingly Mrs Smith plumped for the Champagne and I was split between the Champagne and Pinot Noir.  The biggest pleasure of the evening for me was to see Mrs Smith try different things, both food and wine, and enjoy them.

After the wine and food it was time to head off, but keeping up with the traditions of the Mrs Smiths we had to do something else and as normal we headed back to the hotel.  I do quite like showing it off and I also had some nice wine in the room which needed to be drank.  We headed back to the hotel, I showed Mrs Smith round and then we chilled out with a nice glass of wine to end a very good evening.  If anyone is wondering it was a nice glass of white wine and the Younger Mrs Smith then headed off home.

Before the night Mrs Smith did not really know much about wine but I think this is the start of her trying more and different things, in terms of wine anyway.

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