A couple of weeks back I was staying at the Town Hall Hotel again.  Needed to for work reasons and also due to work being carried out on the house.  As a result, I had a week of food to sort out…

I started by booking myself in to The Typing Room at the hotel.  This is the new restaurant, in the location vacated by Viajante.  When I say new I mean it, when I originally wrote this post yt was only the third day of opening and their first Sunday lunch.

I was expecting good things as it was the first restaurant for Lee Westcott who has worked with some of the best known chefs, plus with it being in the hotel I believed it would be a top end restaurant, and I was not disappointed.

I made a dash from home on the train, which is not a quick thing on a Sunday, and turned up at the hotel.  I was lucky enough to be able to check in a bit early so headed down to the new bar, the Peg & Patriot, for a quick glass of fizz before going in to the restaurant.

I had received a lovely welcome at reception and that continued as I went in.  Although the team is obviously all new they were very welcoming so I sat down and started looking at the menu.  As you will know from previous posts there was only going to be one choice and that was the tasting menu.

The sommelier asked whether I would like a drink to go with lunch and although there was no official matched wine list on the menu he was more than happy to match the wines for me.  He explained that he was still in the process of refining the best matches and asked whether or not I was happy to experiment and try different things.  To which there was only ever going to be one response, yes.  He also mentioned that some of things may be sherry and fortified wines, again I was happy with that as I have recently had some really good nice ones and I am intrigued to see how it could match with food.

Have to say that the meal was stunning and amazingly good matched wines and Sherries.  I enjoyed every moment of it and will be trying to get back to try another tasting menu.  It will be interesting to see how the menu evolves over the next few months.

As an aside, I was back at the hotel last week, just for a night.  I was off out for a very special event, more on that in a future post, but I left the hotel by the restaurant entrance and was immediately recognised by the receptionist, waitress, sommelier and chef, which was great considering how many people they will have already seen.  Just another great little touch that makes a dinner feel welcome and more inclined to go back

Starting with a little glass of fizz in the Peg & Patriot
The view from the table, always great to see the kitchen and be able to watch Lee and the team in action
Now this is a brilliant way to start, home made bread with home made butter, lovely!  I have a serious weakness for good bread and although vary rarely have butter there is something really good about a homemade butter with fresh bread
 There was a choose of snacks on the menu and I plumped for the Crispy Fish Skin, Smoked Cod, Oyster & Dill and it was a great decision.  Very crispy skin and balanced flavours
 Next up was something that sounded different to anything I had tried before, it was Mackerel with Passion Fruit, Burnt Cucumber and Radish.  Was not sure how passion fruit would go with raw mackerel, but it worked pretty well.  Just needed to make sure I savoured the flavour of the mackerel in my mouth to get the most from it as the other flavours are pretty bold, but a great dish
 Yeasted Cauliflower, Raisins, Capers and Mint.  Such a simple sounding dish but full of flavour and complexity
 Brill, with Squid, Octopus and Heritage Tomatoes.  Tried resisting saying it, but it really was a ‘brill’ dish 🙂
 Lamb, Smoked Aubergine, Wild Garlic, Yogurt & Onions.  So soft, tender and full of flavour
 Oops, somehow I managed to order the optional cheese course as well 🙂
 A gorgeous little sorbet for the pre dessert
Strawberry, Pistachio & White Chocolate.  Until recently I have not really had a sweet tooth, but now that I have had the chance to try a wider variety of desserts I have been really enjoying them and this did not disappoint at all.  Lovely flavours and textures
Finally a lovely little (locally foraged) Elderflower jelly
Have to say it was an amazing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Chilling out and eating amazing food and stunningly good wines and sherries.  I was amazed, the 3 sherries I got to tastes were stunning and has really opened my eyes to trying fortified wines with food.  I had a Manzanilla with the fish skin, an Amontillado with the cauliflower and Pithos Bianco with the lamb and Jurancon
Will I be going back, Yes without a doubt.  I will be keeping an eye out for changes in the menu and when there are some more new dishes I will be hoping I have a reason to stay at the hotel again and have another amazing meal

Typing Room - Town Hall Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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