Mr Smith goes for dinner in one of the worlds best restaurants, The Clove Club in Shoreditch, London…

After a hard day in the office it was time for my week of food to continue.  After my amazing meal at The Typing Room and a quick after work meal at St John, next up was The Clove Club in Shoreditch.

I had eaten there once before, but in the bar area.  This time though I was going for it properly and eating in the restaurant and was going to have a tasting menu to try and explore as much good food as possible.  The Clove Club had recently been announced in the top 100 restaurants in the world list, which from what I had already experienced and heard was well deserved.

I got back to the hotel, did a quick change and refresh and headed off to Shoreditch.  One of the things people ask me a lot of the time is how am I not the size of a house, well my answer is walking, I walk everywhere, especially in London when generally it is much quicker that way, especially on journeys up to 2 miles.

I arrived at The Clove Club, which is in the Shoreditch Town Hall (a night of Town Hall’s as I was in the The Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green) and received a nice friendly welcome and was shown to my table.  I was first in, but that did not surprise or worry me and I was told that it would soon fill up, which it did.

My only real decision I had to take that night was which of the tasting menus to go for.  I went for the shorter of the 2, with matched wines of course, but as you will see from the pictures below, what I got was not a short menu.

The perfect seat for me, just off to the side and a perfect view of the kitchen
After a brief discussion with the waitress it was decided that I should have a nice relaxing glass of Prosecco to start with.  This is cloudy by design as it is an unfiltered one and very nice is was as well
So off we went with an amazing meal starting with some snacks, this was a lovely piece of English Asparagus with Black Sesame & Gochuchang
The Asparagus was accompanied by the stunningly good Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Pine Salt.  If only all Fried Chicken was like this!
This was a real surprise, not one from the menu and when the wait comes along and offers you chickens feet you just have to accept!  It was not chickens feet as such but a lovely crispy skin
The Clove Club cure their own meat and I have got to say this is quite possibly the most delicious charcuterie I have had, This was Smoked Kielbasa
Continuing on with the snacks I was given the Wood Pigeon Sausages with Greengage Ketchup.  Got to say that Pigeon Sausages was a first, but hopefully not the last
After all of those little snacks it was time to move on to the next and although I could not capture the beauty and simplicity of the dish in a picture it was stunning to look at and eat!  Tuna Tartare with Roast Tomato Ginger Jelly & Verbena
Mmmmmm, bread! Quite possible the best bread in a restaurant I have ever had and I do love bread!
And now for some fish, Cornish Sea Bass with Runner Beans, Oak Smoked Rose & Brown Butter.  I am running out of good things to say as everything was amazing, but the Sea Bass really blew me away
When you are experiencing a great tasting menu and there are optional extras you have to go for them and I was not disappointed.  This was a gently cooked Orkney Scallop, Celtic Mustard & Coral Dashi
After all of that I was given a couple of real good little treats, this first was a Summer Truffle & Montgomery Cheddar Tart.  When this arrived I was sitting just relaxing and waiting a minute but the waiter suggested that I should eat is straight away to get the best from it and boy was it good.  A real hit of strong amazing flavours
Before anyone suggests that this is another glass of wine, appearances can be deceptive.  This is one of the more inventive dishes I have had, the glass had been washed out with 100 year old Madeira and then there was was Duck Consomme added to it which you drank
Still making my way through the menu it was time for some meat and amazingly good lamb, Hebridian Lamb with Monks Beard (seaweed) and seaweed sauce
Another little surprise with a Lambs Heart Kebab
I could not help myself and had to have the cheese 🙂
Anyone for Lemonade?  This is their incredible Amalfi Lemonade & Sarawak Black Pepper.  Yes this really did taste of the best homemade lemonade you have ever had and it even had a little bit of fizz
Cranachan, but not the normal!  Very fresh tasting and made me think of whisky which is why I had to have one after this 🙂
And now towards the end, although I thought I had finished but no, a couple of more surprises, a little ball of surprise filled with Creme de Menthe, a big surprise when you burst it in your mouth
And finally, cake!  Could there be a better way to end?  Not sure there is.  When I spoke with the chef she told me that they are baked fresh for each table and you can really tell.  They were amazing and I would love them baked for me everyday!
After all that food I had a nice leisurely stroll back to the hotel and thought I had just had one of my best ever meals.  Definitely up there with the best I have had in the UK and I personally believe that they will be even higher in the top 100 next year.  I am really looking forward to going again, soon!
Everything from the welcome, the food, the amazing staff and the location was just perfect for me.  It was a really good relaxed, food and wine filled experience.  There is so much more I could have said about the food and service but I would not want to bore everyone with such good comments

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