Mr Smith heads down to Battersea Power Station for a feast full of some of the best street food around…

There are times in life when someone comes up with a really good idea and last night I went to one of them.  The idea of having a street food festival at one of the worlds most iconic (and difficult to get up close to buildings), Battersea Power Station, is a great one.

It was the first night of Riverside Feast, which is running in conjunction with an outdoor cinema.  Being one of the first through the doors, perils of needing to get home and commuting, it was fairly quiet.  I had gone with a colleague from work and we had an explore around and checked out who was there and what was on offer.
First port of call, as is the way, was the Rotary Bar for a glass of wine.
There are still a few bits and pieces to be completed for next week, like the Rum Bar (so I will need to head back and test that one out!), but all looked good and as I was hungry I dived in to some of the lovely Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese with bacon!  Absolutely delicious and definitely resolved the hungry feeling.  While I was doing that Geoff was working his way through a Duck burger from Le Bun.  Mental note made to have that next time as it looked amazing.
After a while of taking in the sight of the incredible building it was time to head for the next course.  I  had caught a sign that made me smile, ‘Life Tastes Better Dipped In Gravy’, and I knew I had to get something from Dip & Flip.  When I read the menu there had to be only one choice, the Dip & Flip Burger.  It looked so nice that Geoff had to order one as well
What a great choice it was and the sign is right, life is definitely better dipped in gravy!  I could have easily licked the plate totally clean!  There was definitely silence while we ate the burgers, both focused totally on the taste of it, messy but lovely!
Now the challenge, to have any more or not.  I should not have but my head had been saying all along that I should have some ceviche from Aji Ceviche.  The head won the battle and told the stomach to accept what was going to happen, at least with ceviche, as well as being a very tasty bit of seabass, it is healthy as well 🙂
So that wrapped up a bit of a flying visit to Riverside Feast.  I will definitely be going back for more and may make it a Thursday night regular on the commute home (try and avoid commuting on a Friday where possible!).  When leaving we had a nose at the cinema as well, we had commented that we could not hear the sound and saw that everyone had headphones, what a great idea.  The screen looked great and will be heading down there one night to watch a film as well.
The Cranes
Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese
Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese with lovely crispy bacon!
The view from dinner
The Cranes
How a burger should be made!
The Dip & Flip Burger
The Dip & Flip Burger – Just look at all the loveliness inside the bun
Seabass Ceviche from Ai Cevichhe

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