Mr Smith goes for 2 days of meat filled fun at his first, but not last, Meatopia at Tobacco Dock in Wapping, London…

As soon as I heard about Meatopia 2014 there was only one question, would I like to go to a weekend of meat filled fun  at Tobacco Dock? YES PLEASE!  So I had to go.  The real question was who to take with me.  As you will know Mr Smith does not object to going to events alone, but this time I asked my Mum if she fancied a weekend in London and coming along to one of the days.  I was a little surprised but she snapped my hand off when I asked.

Tickets for the Saturday bought!
The next thought was how could I try and eat as much as possible.  Well, we would share what we could, but then I thought there is the Sunday as well, so a single VIP ticket bought for that.  Job done and a weekend of meat was on the cards.
As the weekend came around, I met up with my Mum, we stayed at the Town Hall (Xmas and Birthday present for her) and warmed up with some meat at Brawn in Bethnal Green, always good!
On the Saturday we took a walk around East London and eventually made our way to the Tower of London to look at the poppies, before heading to Wapping.  All in all about 7 miles of walking done on the day, so we had a good appetite. 
We pitched up at midday, joined the queue and after about 15 minutes we were in.  First things first,  a quick tour round to see who was where and to hit the food!  I had already decided what was going to be first, which was the Korean BBQ Pork Belly from Judy Joo @ Jinjuu.  Boy, was that a good idea and a great way to start.
The food pictures & videos will tell the story of the event and I will give a few more details of the food with each one.  
Not only was there food, but there was music and a few other random things going on.  When I say random I do mean random, like stumbling across a bar with barbers in.  My Mum asked me why, to which the only response I could come up with was, because they can!
So we munched our way through some amazing food, had a great time and then had to head off.  I saw my Mum off and headed back to the hotel.
Day 2.  Now, I wanted to eat as much as I could, so I started with a 6 mile run, light breakfast at the Pavilion in the Park (Victoria Park) and then a very long route to Wapping, another 6 miles.  
As I had a VIP ticket it meant I could get in early and wander round with less people in.  I also had access to the VIP bar, so after checking out where the chefs were I went to the bar, armed myself with a drink and headed back to the first dish of the day.  Again I went Asian spicy and had amazing Smoked Goose Banh Mi from Bobby Chinn @ The House of Ho.  
The aim for the Sunday, other than eating as much as possible, was to try as many unusual foods as possible.  Starting very well with the goose.  Mind you, those that know me or have read a few posts before know that ‘unusual’ foods for some people are not unusual for me as I love to try as much as I can.

Over the weekend some of the more unusual foods were:

Pork Cheeks
Bone Marrow
Hare Leg
Duck Neck

Would I like to have another weekend of meat filled fun?  YES!  Bring on Meatopia 2015!

A selection of my pictures are below that give a bit more information about the food.  There is also a slide show and a short film I did (this is very much a new experience so probably not the best one)

I would suggest viewing the film and slideshow on WiFi rather than on a data allowance
Meatopia – A Short Film
Meatopia – The Pictures

The amazing Korean Pork Belly from Judy Joo.  I will be beating down the door when the London restaurant opens @JinjuuLDN 

The Ox from Flat Iron teased everyone all afternoon on the Saturday but the wait was worth it on the Sunday @flatironsteak

Time for the Pork Cheeks in Foie Gras Butter from Lee Bull @ Q Grill @QGrillLondon

Spicy Lamb Kofte Lavish from Selin Kiazim @selinkiazim.  So good my Mum went back for a second one!

This dish from David Pynt @DPynto @BurntEndsSG intrigued me, a lot.  Smoked bone Marrow, Curry & Mantou.  Mantou being a deep fried steamed bun.  My curiosity was rewarded with 

As normal Neil Rankin @frontlinechef @smokehouseN1 produced the goods with a lovely BBQ Whole Slow Cooked Goat Taco

Time for a dance in the band stand

Hara Bhara Lamb Cutlets, with aubergine and yogurt from Dan Doherty @DanDoherty_ @DuckandWaffle  I find lamb cutlets can often be dull and not very good, but these were the exact opposite, very tasty and excellent

If I had any hair I might have gone in for a cut!

The brisket being prepare from Tim Rattray’s @ChefTimmyR @TheGranarySA Smoked Brisket with Salsa Negra & Jicama Salad.  We had a sneaky fatty bit of the end, oh my!

The finished dish

A few years ago my Mum would have never touched a hot dog.  Then I took her to Copenhagen and she had some over there and changed her mind, but this one from Mark Rosati @MarkRosati @shakeshackUK the Meatopia Double Smoked Cheddar Dog made her re-think, she now wants all hot dogs to taste like that one!

The New York Brass Band getting things going with the music
now time for Day 2

The Ox was still going, but was so very nearly ready

The Flat Iron crew getting ready to serve

There were some non meat options available

Day 2 kicked off with the Amazing Bobby’s Glazed Smoked Goose Banh Mi from Bobby Chinn @BobbyChinn @HouseOfHo 

mmmmm, crispy bits of the Ox!

Finally, after 24 hours of being teased, my Sunday lunch was ready, the whole Spit Roasted Ox, which was served in a Yorkshire pudding with freshly made horseradish cream from Charlie Carroll @charliebeef @flatironsteak

So that was 2 starters down and now for a main dish.  The powerful and very tasty Yorkshire Hare Leg With Collard Greens from Quinton Bennett @chefqone @thejuggedhare 

More music

The second offering David Pynt @DPynto @BurntEndsSG and very different but equally delicious as the first.  Roasted Hung Jamaican Quail with Paprika Spiced Corn

The Gents getting things going again on a Sunday afternoon

The incredibly complex looking (to make) and amazingly tasty BBQ Duck Neck Bologna from Jonathon Sawyer @chefsawyer @thegreenhouse

I did not eat this, but could not resist a quick pick of the beer butt chicken

A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon

The VIP burger from Fred Smith @FredSmith_  @byronhamburgers being prepared

The burger itself, pure meaty goodness!

Finally coming towards the end of what my stomach could take so I went for an absolutely delicious Pit Smoked Lamb in a Steam Bun from Joe McCafferty @JoeMccafferty_ @FleshandBuns

Could I possibly fit any more down?  The answer of course was yes, but doing things properly, I had to have a cheese course, so I went for the stunning Lamb Cutlets with Dirty Mac from Ross Clarke @RoscoChef  @DirtyBonesLDN The 2 sets of Lamb I had over the weekend has put y faith back in to Lamb Cutlets, but only when cooked like this!

And finally, pudding!  Time for a drink and ice cream?  Gin & Tonic along with a bacon ice cream!  Just had to be done!

After all that it was time for another couple of mile walk back to the hotel and to collapse!  A great weekend that I hope to repeat next year

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