Sadly on the run up to Xmas I was suffering with Bronchitis and had no chance to go to any Xmas parties. Not a massive problem, but I was very keen to be well for the Mr Smith Xmas party. This is now an annual event following on from last years successful party at Viajante…

For context, when I say party I mean my Xmas do with one other person. It is my treat at the end of the year and this year I decided to go back to the same location, but it is now very different. Viajante has moved on and been replaced by The Typing Room, in the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green. Also new is the bar, the Peg + Patriot. For those that have read previous posts you will know I have stayed there many times and eaten at The Typing Room, so I knew what to expect.

The evening got off to a cracking start, I had a glass of wine at Shoreditch House before heading off to Bethnal Green. I walked over there and introduced myself to Matt the bar manager of Peg & Patriot, who I had emailed previously. I had asked if it would be possible to have a quick chat when my guest arrived and get a demo of the equipment they use to distill the spirits for the cocktails. Matt had been very kind and agreed.

I settled down with a glass of fizz and waited, which was not to long. When my guest arrived we had a good catch up, looked at the cocktail list and had the demo from Matt, which was really interesting. The cocktails were ordered and we carried on catching up.

I settled back with my Vesgroni (stripped campari – gin – americano – koniks tail) and my guest with a Death on the Stairs (stripped aperol – gooseberry – fennel pollen – sparkling wine). A perfect start to the evening. Matt also mentioned that he had created a Bourbon with soured cream. Sounds very odd but he let us have a little taste and we both agreed it was amazing. I had imagined it would be sickly, but it was delicious and very smooth.

It was then time for dinner. Going in to the dinning room I had requested a table with a great view of the open kitchen. I made sure that I had my back to it so my guest could see in to the kitchen for the evening. Having dined in there a lot before I did not mind.

We ordered the 5 course set menu, along with the matched wines. The only time my guest has had a tasting menu previously was the Xmas party the previous year, but she loves having them with me.

The way the menu works is that you get a number of little snacks to start with and then you dive in to the menu.

We both had a great evening enjoying delicious food and perfectly matched wines, or in my case for one course a sherry! I did not get pictures of all of the snacks as I was so focused on eating them I plain and simply forgot! We both loved it all, had an amazing time and I know I am going to have a hard job thinking up what to do next year!

My lovely Vesgroni cocktail from Matt at the Peg & Patriot
The first snack I took a picture of
I always have some serious issues with the bread at The Typing Room.  It  is gorgeous, fresh and so tasty.  The butters also add to the whole experience.  I could sit and eat loads of it!
The last of the snacks
A brand new dish for them, Venison tartare with beetroot and horseradish snow
Lobster with Dashi
Duck with a spring roll (that is how spring rolls should always be, divine!)
We could not resist the chance of some cheese!
Time for a sneaky & refreshing pre dessert
Chocolate orange, but not as you know it

Just when you thought it was all over, one final little treat
That was the end of a perfect evening.  All the food was brilliant and we both loved it.  It would be unfair for me to try and pick out one dish as my favourite as they were all great, from the beautiful delicate flavours of the lobster to the bigger hit of the spring roll and the surprises of the venison and the dessert (bearing in mind I do not really do chocolate I scoffed the lot!), all perfect.

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