After I had recharged the batteries for a few days at 1888 Hotel in Sydney I moved on to Establishment.  I jumped in to a cab with my case and took the short journey across Sydney..

The taxi driver dropped me off at the front of the bar, rather than the hotel entrance.  That was something I expected as I knew that the hotel entrance was tucked down a side street.

I grabbed my case and headed in to the bar to get directions to the hotel entrance, but luckily enough there was someone there that escorted me through to the hotel.

The welcome was incredibly friendly and welcoming and I was showed up to the room.  If you want a hotel room with a bit of a wow factor when you first walk in then, this will do very nicely.  When I was shown in to the room I confess I did an inward wow.  The room was lovely and big, and most importantly of all the bed was amazingly comfy.

The stay was great and you could easily not leave the building, the hotel, multiple bars and a few restaurants can easily keep you there and yes I did try several of them in just a few days.

The staff were lovely and friendly, always taking an interest in what you were doing and remembering when you got back and making sure I was having a good time.  Sadly though all good things come to an end and I had to check out.  But I was heading to Melbourne for another Mr Smith adventure.

Sinks for 2 in the bathroom.  I was good and only used 1 of them
The very comfy bed.  Nicely positioned in the room, good to have one not pushed up against a wall
Showing off the size of the room and that the bath was also in the middle
Great turn down service and getting the sleep tight tea out was a really good idea.  I have become a bit addicted to T2 teas since the trip
The outside of the hotel
As per normal I was down first for breakfast, but it did give me chance to have a look at one of the many areas associated to the hotel.  Breakfast in the mornings, Gin in the evenings!
The main bar in the morning, nice and quiet, but a great place to have a drink in the evening.  The Chandon sparkling wine, by the bottle (yes I did have company to help drink it) was great and very good value

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