Mr Smith takes a look back at some incredible moments in Sydney, what were the highlights?…

Just looking back at the amazing trip to Sydney and thought I would post just a few pictures with some of the good memories of my time there, outside of any other posts that will be done.  These just so a snap shot of some of the things I saw and in sequence for the time I was there.  I loved it, weather amazing, people great, food and drink stunning and overall a great place to be.  The only down side was I only had a week

It could not really have been better weather when I arrived.  After freshening up I headed off on my first adventure.  I do love the Queen Victoria Building
OK, at 8.30 in the morning and you stumble across creations from Adriano Zumbo, you have to make a mental note to go back and try some of them
After only a short ferry ride over the Manly I could not believe how busy, and hot it was, at 11 in the morning.  Sydney was definitely making the most of it
Not something you see every day outside Manly ferry station
You get some amazing views when on the ferry
As I said, I had to go back.  This is the little stall in the Queen Victoria Building.  I bought myself one of the passion fruit tarts and a selection of macaroons which I took back for the staff at the hotel as a little thank you for the great welcome at the hotel
Playing around with the big zoom on the camera, seeing how close I could get to the top of the bridge, the answer, very!
Not a side you see the bridge from very often, but I like the view with the houses in front
I took a trip over to Cockatoo Island, on the advice of the hotel, for an explore.  The next few shots are all taken there.  It is an old industrial complex .  Very interesting to walk round and explore on a sunny afternoon.  There is also tunnel, as you can see, that runs from one side of the island to the other
Lots of camping opportunity on the island
Great views back to Sydney.  The bar you can see in the foreground was great.  I sat down there with a glass of wine, in a deck chair just looking back at the harbour bridge
I always love looking at interesting buildings when I am on my random walks
A birds eye view


When you go on random walks, with no set agenda, you can stumble across some interesting little things.  This was a good photographic exhibition at Paddington Reservoir
This is not as impressive as it may appear, no I did not climb the tree, but when you go in to the Botanic Gardens from the top you can get a good view of the top of some trees
Are you looking at me?
I id not climb the bridge but did get some good shots of people doing it
Just one of many weddings or wedding photos I stumbled across.  Now there is very little chance that  I will get married again, but if I did I can see why people want pictures taken in the Botanic Gardens
Now that is what I call a tattoo!
Sitting on the opera house steps
How the other half life!
When I saw this sign I just thought how Australian it was


I love my early morning walks.  So calm and no one around
Even the seals have a nice spot to chill out
Good bye Sydney.  It was amazing.  Hope it will not be long before I can get back

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