Mr Smith checks in to the lovely Cullen in Melbourne…

And then there was Melbourne.  After a great week in Sydney I arrived in Melbourne.  Flight bang on time and had the luxury of being picked up at the airport.  The drive through Melbourne was early afternoon and I was greeted with lovely sunshine again.  The driver gave me a bit of a commentary on some of the places we went by, some was looking very familiar.  Amazing what you can remember after quite a few years away.

We went through to Prahran, where I was staying.  It looked a good and vibrant location, a couple of miles out from the centre of Melbourne, but it definitely looked very easy to get in to town from there,  which proved to be the case, even able to walk in and out.

After going down the main road we pulled in to a side street to The Cullen, the hotel for the next few nights.  Another one from Mr & Mrs Smith.  I was expecting something a bit different from the previous ones and it was indeed different, but in a good way.  The hotel is very art orientated with original pieces from Adam Cullen all over the place.  After checking in a bit early I went off for an explore before heading back to the hotel and checking out the room.

The room was a  good size and was more of an apartment than a hotel room.  It makes it so much more convenient to have a small kitchen, even if just to have a fridge to keep the wine cold 🙂

The bathroom was small but perfectly functional and the bed was very comfy, this was needed given the activity planned for the first full day, a 10k run!

Given that the hotel was out of the city centre it provided a great opportunity to explore somewhere different, but also to get in to the city without to much trouble.  I generally walk everywhere and loved exploring.  I did make a mental note that if I could ever get to move to Melbourne then Prahran, Windsor or the South Yarra area would do very nicely and I would be more than happy to go to The Cullen again, maybe for longer next time.

As with all Mr & Mrs Smith hotels the staff were great, but I did not get chance to try where the attached restaurants or bar.  Why, well there are just so many interesting places around the area that I just did not really have time, other than for one quick drink.  Will have to make sure I check it out more next time 🙂

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