So after the first 10k run Mr Smith needed to recover and headed straight to Cutler & Co for an amazing lunch of 10 dishes that all helped to speed up the recovery and forget the pain…

So what do you need after a 10k run and are feeling good and proud of what you have done?  For me there is only one choice, a really good lunch and that is exactly what I had.  I had pre booked at Cutler & Co. which was a good move.  I left the hotel and made my way in to town on the train and walked round Melbourne and over towards the restaurant.  It was now a glorious sunny and warm day, absolute perfection.

I had a quick stroll around Fitzroy before going to the restaurant and thought it was a lovely area and definitely somewhere I could live if I worked in Melbourne, although might be a bit out of my price range.

So in I went.  I could instantly see the kitchen in front, a nice open one, and lots of lovely looking tables.  I was asked if I would like a table or to see at the kitchen bar.  No choice, the kitchen bar it was.  2 reasons, 1 being you get to talk to the chefs at times and when dining alone it gives you the chance to interact with other people, but secondly, you can watch the amazing skills and precision of the chefs and that is exactly what I could see at Cutler & Co.

They have a great format on the menu, a nice selection of snacks and starters to kick things off and then a nice simple choice for a main or a dessert.  The other choice would be wine, but hey why make a choice when you can ask the experts and go with the recommended ones on the lists.  For me this is the best way, after all a restaurant knows, or should, know what matches with their food.  No worries on that front with this lunch as everything worked perfectly.  After a very relaxed couple of hours, enjoying some stunning food and wine and watching a brilliant kitchen at work, I had to make a move.  To my surprise I was not starting to stiffen up and I can remember walking down the road, in the sun, after a brilliant lunch and thinking that everything in life was good.

On any other Sunday that would have been a perfect long leisurely Sunday lunch, but after the 10k it was not only the perfect Sunday lunch, but the best way to revive me after the run and set me up for the remainder of the time in Melbourne

Cutler & Co Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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