Mr Smith goes for a light tapas style meal at Movida in Melbourne and ends up having most of the menu, 13 dishes in all!  All of which were delicious…

After the initial recovery from the run and my long lunch it was time to start to explore Melbourne, which I did in my normal way, and walked and took in the sights.  Amazingly not stiff at all so it was a lovely day to walk round.

So what to do about food?  I had made some mental notes of places to try, that generally are very busy and not easy to get in to.  However, I have a plan for restaurants where bookings are not taken or are very busy and that is go early!  When I say early I mean about 5.  For non bookable you can avoid the queues and for restaurants that are busy and only have a few spaces for walk in’s you can normally get one.

One of those places was Movida, which I knew would be very busy and not somewhere I would be able to book.  I knew they had a bar where you could eat so I pitched up just before 5 and was welcomed in and seated at the bar, always a favourite place of mine to sit.  I was given 2 options, one being that I could eat off the short menu which is served before 5 or have a drink and wait for the full menu to be available, not a tough decision, so I sat down, had a lovely glass of Sherry (after all it is a Tapas style so why not) and studied the menu.

So many different and amazingly good sounding tapas style dishes, which basically I ended up having the majority of, oops.  I could not help myself.  Once I started ordering and eating I could not help but order more, it was that good.  A perfect way for me to spend an early evening, eating great food, amazing wine and some interesting people that also came to sit at the bar.

It was a very multi national evening, the first couple that came and sat next to me were a combination of a woman from the Cook Islands with her Swiss husband.  They had come over to Melbourne for her to run the marathon the day before, which she did.  She was an interesting one and good fun chatting to them, but I do not think they had been away from the Islands that often as she was very excited to be in Melbourne.  The other couple had just flown in from Montreal and were just starting off on a short break in Melbourne.

Sadly I can not remember every dish I had, but will do my best to note what I had.  Hopefully I did not get any of them wrong, I am going from memory and limited details

MoVida Bar De Tapas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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