Meatopia – The Entertainment

Meatopia, surely it is all about meat and food?  No, there is a lot more to it than that.  Find out about a small selection of the entertainment that is also on offer..

You will have already seen a post about the New York Brass Band performing at Meatopia, but there were lots of other great performers on show that really did make the weekend a very special one, not just for me but, for the the friends I was with and everyone else that was there.  So much fun packed in to 2 days and that is without even talking about the great food!

As with last year The Gents were doing a great session and getting everyone involved in a good old knees up, but also brilliant sets from The Mick Kemp Blues Revue, Ray of Charles, Brasstermind. Gypsies of Bohemia and Tom Findlay

Then there were the talks in the Cutting Room great fun and educational, plus some great tastes along the way 🙂

Bring on 2016!

The Entertainment

The Education, fun and fire!

Author: The Mr Smith

Photographer, Gourmet, Cook, Oenophile, Traveller, International Athlete, Investor, bit of a Geek and observer of life

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