Not only the food, not only all of the other entertainment, but there was a surprise visit from the New York Brass Band…

It is obvious to say that Meatopia is all about the food, but there is a lot more too it than that.  There are some great talks and amazing entertainment that fits the bill perfectly.   More on the food and other entertainment to come soon, but this is a short post about the New York Brass Band.

I first saw them last year at Meatopia 2014 when they were getting the crowd going and was lucky enough to see them this year.  They were not scheduled to be playing on the Saturday but stood in at the last minute, which was great.  I was with some friends and had just been watching a band and when I came out I saw an instrument with ‘The New York Brass Band’ on it and thought that someone had borrowed it, but then they appeared to play.  Perfectly positioned to listen and watch them get the party really started.

Considering this was a bit of a spur of the moment performance and Grace had to borrow a Sax to do it, shows how good they are at playing to a crowd.

Both videos are hand held and either on my small Sony compact camera or iPhone so quality is not great but you will get the idea and as you will see they do get things going

Hopefully both myself and they will be back again next year

The New York Brass Band with You’ve Got The Love, the full song

A  selection form the Saturday session

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