Mr Smith goes to Clou in Copenhagen for dinner and having 17 different dishes

Part 2 of the Copenhagen trio…After a full day walking round Copenhagen, and walking off the previous nights amazing meal, it was time to prepare for another night of food in Copenhagen.   The pre race food preparation had gone completely off the radar and it was all about enjoying great food.

For day 2 of the exploration it was time to move more to France with a visit to Clou.  As per normal I had an early booking, not just because it is easier to get in to busy restaurants, but this time I was trying to prepare for a race.  But walking nearly 30km during the day had really built up an appetite as well, so I was really in need of good food and Clou did not disappointment.

So after such a long day of walking I made sure I got to the restaurant bang on time, of course I walked as I needed to keep the legs moving, but also making sure I could enjoy every last morsel of food, and there were plenty of morsels!

It did not take long for me to decide on the menu, it was obviously going to be the tasting menu, Clou of the Day.  There were 3 choices for tasting, 3, 5 or 7 courses. Guess which I went for!  7 of course, the full Clou.  As for wine, an obvious choice, the matched wines.

Starting off with a glorious selection of little snacks, it definitely put me in the mood for more.   Every dish was perfection, full of favour with some stunning, but visually simple at times, presentation.

The big surprise was getting a bonus dish in between courses, all in all it added up to 17 different dishes, all of which I would happily eat again.  Some of them were very decadent, especially the Scallops with Caviar.  It is only looking back that you realise there was no meat in the menu but that made no difference to the enjoyment, in fact it probably enhanced it.  Fish dishes done well are so lovely.

Copenhagen part 2, done and thoroughly enjoyed

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