Mr Smith visits Era Ora in Copenhagen with ‘The Other Mrs Smith’ for lunch

The final part of the Copenhagen trio…

This time it was lunch the day before the race.  By this time I knew race prep was out of the window, but I was looking forward to meeting the ‘Other’ Mrs Smith for lunch.  It had been a while since we have seen each other, but given the logistics of where we have lived over the years we are not doing bad in terms of catching up.

It is always good to see her and an excuse to go walking, chatting, catching up and to book us in to a great restaurant for  lunch.  Not something she does very often now, but it is so nice to be able to take someone to somewhere new and have a good experience.  Era Ora in Copenhagen provided us with a great lunch

After meeting the ‘Other’ Mrs Smith at Central Station in Copenhagen, we had a walk round and back to my apartment (showing it off really) before heading in to Copenhagen and to the restaurant.

We arrived and were shown to our table, it was quiet for lunch, but that is not always a bad thing.  It meant we had the pick of the tables and were able to speak to Maitre’d and find out a lot more about the food and wine.   We were seated next to an amazing table, made from a single piece of wood, incredible to touch it.

Anyway, back to the food.  After a trip to Thailand and France, it was time for Northern Italy and all within the centre of Copenhagen.

The food was explained to us and a the choices made.  We were having a Celestial Lunch and at the same time a good catch up with the Other Mrs Smith, something that we need to try and do more often, somehow!

Given that I was focused on catching up as well as eating, I do not recall exactly what we had to eat, but what I know is that the choices I made were great and I loved them all.  The selection of snacks to start with were delicious, and I followed that up with the chicken and then, of course, the cheese.

We were fortunate enough to be recommended some amazing wines to go with the dishes and also to have a peek in to the wine cellar in the restaurant.  This holds a couple of thousand bottles, out of their overall total of around 90,000!  Incredible.

The final little treat for us was to be shown in to the kitchen and to meet the chef and the team.  I always love it when you get that sort of opportunity and a very rare treat indeed.  It is nice to be able to thank the people who produce such good food.

What a lovely way to have spent a leisurely lunch, catching up with an old friend as well as enjoying great food and wine, I could not ask for more.  Thank you Era Ora and Copenhagen, I will be back!

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