Oft hope is born when all is forlorn

Today Mr Smith was looking for inspiration in a quote to free up the mind and take it in a different direction…

This quote by J.R.R Tolkein, from The Return of the King, got the mind in gear and allowed memories to come back from a time when he was doing lots of photos of people.

The most inspirational times came when he was doing photos of Anna.

It was always a pleasure to do photos with her as she was willing to try most things, was creative in her own right (her cake decorating is amazing by the way) and a good time was had when doing them.

The quote reminded Mr Smith of his favourite shoot with her.  He was staying at a very nice hotel (no names given, but Mr Bond has had adventures there) and Anna came up to join him for the day.

This picture instantly sprang to mind when Mr Smith read the quote.

Model - Anna N 0813 (246 of 221)

Although this is from a set of images that are quite dark in mood and touching on deep emotions, this is probably the favourite set of pictures he did.  Anna carried off this mini set perfectly, drawing out all of the raw feelings that were needed.

Although this was taken in a very nice hotel and a good fun day was had, doing shoots like this is not easy and are very draining for both the model and photographer.  With the exception of when you have someone that carries off exactly what you want to achieve.

The Focus is solely on the outcome, not the journey!

For many reasons Anna is an inspiration and provides hope.  She has had many a personal battle but always tackles life head on, with a great spirit, a smile and hope for the future, there is much for Mr Smith to learn.  Thanks

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