If Mr Smith had to write to his future self this is what it would say:

I have a question for you Mr Smith, what do you want to have achieved by the time you are 50?

I know you do not know but it is only 3 1/2 years away, which is not long

Yes, you have some good adventures planned, but what else do you want to achieve?

Maybe it is time to set some goals and challenge yourself!  How about some of these:

  • Get some form of qualification
  • Run a half marathon under 1:45
  • 100 mile bike ride
  • Do that trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, even if alone!
  • Appreciate things and tastes, not just consume
  • Get a photograph published somewhere
  • Learn and use some new culinary skills

Over to you now my friend, challenge yourself to do one or all of them and get your mind and body engaged and in shape to tackle a big new phase of life.  Do no limit yourself though, take every opportunity you can, meet new people, do new things, go to new places and enjoy yourself!

By the time you hit that mark I challenge you to still be doing your little blog and to do a post to confirm which you did and what else you have done.  Get yourself going, fired up and grab co tool,of your future, do not just let it happen!

Your 46 year old self

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