Eat Your Drink

Mr Smith goes to the opening night of Eat Your Drink by Smith & Sinclair

Yes it is possible to eat your drink and they are great and very interesting, find our more…

Mr Smith has been keeping an eye on crowdfunding websites over the last couple of years, spotting interesting startups and potential investing opportunities.  Some are potentially big investments with shares or bonds, but others are from smaller start up’s that need a leg up to kick start their project.

Smith & Sinclair was definitely one that caught the eye of Mr Smith, intrigued by the prospect of edible cocktails, sounds like a great idea.

They were raising money to help them set up an Immersive Edible Alcohol Shop to showcase their products and let people have some fun, something we all need more of.

After only a short mental debate a small amount was pledged.  Mr Smith was delighted to see that they reached their funding target, which meant that they could get the pop up shop up and running.

One of the benefits for Mr Smith was an invitation to the opening night.  There was no hesitation about accepting or finding the right Mrs Smith for the evening, a new one to the Adventures of Mr Smith.

After a lovely glass of wine with some ham and cheese at Vinoteca it was time to head around the corner to Carnaby Street.  Entering the door of the Benefit store you can see the stairs leading down to what looked an intriguing location, where you first of all walk through a big wide mouth.

Mr Smith had no idea what to expect, in terms of the evening or the products, but was delighted by the way things were.  We were treated to a lovely cocktail and also an explanation of the products.  The Cocktail Pastilles looked great in their packaging and when we tasted them there is no doubt that they were cocktails.  At one point Mr Smith even commented that he preferred the pastille to the actual cocktail!  That is something as Mr Smith does not have a sweet tooth, but the Pastilles are not sweet, they just taste of the cocktail.

No idea how they have created edible alcohol and they were not letting on either, as they say that is Patent Pending!

Some of other products looked amazing, the sherbet dib dab, but especially the candy floss.  Mel spent some time with us explaining how it woks, you top up the jar with a white spirit, such as vodka, which melts the candy floss.  Leave it for a couple of hours and you can then get a flavoured vodka for cocktails.  Then the flavour jewel starts to melt and adds another dimension.  You can either use it for cocktails or just keep as a flavoured drink.  Sounds like a great idea for a cocktail night with friends.

After a couple of cocktails, some more nosing at the products and even some magic, it was time to head off in to the lights of Carnaby Street for a final glass of wine at another great discovery.  Antidote was stumbled upon and the wine and cheese were a perfect way to end a great night.

In the opinion of Mr Smith the products would make great stockings fillers or fun items for a group of friends having cocktails.  The pop up shop is open in the run up to Christmas, so worth getting down there to check it out.  Good luck to Smith & Sinclair

Eat Your Drink


Author: The Mr Smith

Photographer, Gourmet, Cook, Oenophile, Traveller, International Athlete, Investor, bit of a Geek and observer of life

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