Mr Smith goes to M on Threadneedle Street, London for dinner

When Mr Smith visited the Taste of London Winter Edition he got to try the Sticky Pork Bao from M Restaurant.  This week saw the follow up visit to the restaurant itself.

The day had been a bit of a disaster with work, mainly getting to and from it, but eventually he met up with a former and current colleague for a drink just round the corner from the restaurant.  Memories came flooding back of spending time in the city and realising that the buzz and the energy of the city had been missed, especially in comparison to the current work location.

They could not stay there long though and had to head off to M to see if the food was as good as the taster.

After arriving it was clear how big it was.  The greeting was nice and welcoming and after a brief thought the decision was to head upstairs for a drink first.

15 minutes later it was time to head down to the table and for a brief explanation of the menu.  A special deal had been booked which was for 4 courses and free flowing Prosecco.  The menu looked good, but sadly the starter that jumped off the page was not available.  No Kangaroo Tartar!  That was a shame as it sound great.  Instead Mr Smith chose the Cured Trout with Buttermilk, Lime & Pear.  All 3 then plumped to pay a supplement for the 400g Ribeye steak and Mr Smith opted for Dulce Mousse, Buckwheat, Bacon and Sweetcorn Ice Cream for dessert.

By this time the Prosecco was starting to flow.  In all honesty it was not the best Prosecco.  The flavour was OK, but there was no life in it and definitely not the fizz you expect from a Prosecco.  That was the one down side to the meal,  it was not just a one off glass, all of it was like that.

Before the main meal started though we had some Edamame beans and Biltong, both of which were delicious.  The beans had a lovely chilli kick to them and the Biltong was not like any tried before, full of flavour and tender!

Next up was the Cured Trout, so tender and flavoursome.

Then it was time for the meat.  Something all 3 love and it looked great.  A nice big chunk of meat on a plate with the chips on the side.  All cooked to perfection at medium rare.  Very tender, juicy and with a great taste.

Finally was the Dulce Mousse.  This was incredibly light in texture and the Sweetcorn Ice Cream was a bit of a revelation.  Although there was a hint of the bacon it was very subtle.  For Mr Smith this needed to be a little more pronounced, after all bacon is great with everything so let it shout!

Overall a good way to spend the evening, catching up, drinking and eating good food.

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, taken on a phone, handheld and in bad light

M Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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