Mr Smith goes to spend the afternoon at a car boot sale, but not like any other boot sale you have seen.  Several hours talking to great and knowledgeable people, tasting wine and making new discoveries.  Find out about this unique event…

After 3 consecutive nights out Mr Smith needed to go for a run to freshen up before heading out for the day.  He is definitely getting to old for such things.  However, there was no way he was going to miss out on Wine Car Boot.

It is a great concept, get some of the best independent wine shops together in one place and let them showcase their wines.

The event was held at Granary Square in Kings Cross, under cover, but the challenge was that it was a cold November day!  Mr Smith was going to the Saturday afternoon session and arrived about 11.30, shortly after it had opened for the day.  There are many reasons for going so early, but the primary ones are to be able to spend a bit more time focused on tasting wines and having time to talk to the stall holders, whilst learning more about the wines.

It did also mean that there was time for a quick catch up with the organisers, who I have not seen for a while.  It was good to see both of the Ruth’s and Mr Smith says a big thank you to them, the helpers and all the stall holders for a great day and for braving the cold.  However, the show was stolen by Wolfie, definitely a dog that did not mind getting some attention 🙂

The approach for Mr Smith is to try as many different varieties as possible and this started with a delicious dry Tokaji from D&D wines.  Normally Tokaji is sweet and Mr Smith has only had one dry one before.  The good thing was that the winemaker was there and was able to explain more about the wine and how it was made.  This is the type of thing that really adds to an event.

Keeping on a theme, next was a Fizzy Tokaji, something that Mr Smith had not seen before.  This was from D’Vine Cellars and had only been in the country for a week, delicioius it was as well.

Then came a good chat with another wine maker, Andrew Neilsen, who provided me with a very characterful Fleurie, one that will be on the list of must haves in the future.

After that it was time to try something very different and something that would challenge Mr Smith, a Rosé!  Not something that is a favourite but you must try these things.  After being persuaded by Kate Spicer, who was helping out at the More Wine stall, Mr Smith took the plunge and tried a Rosé from Somerset, again something a bit different.  Mr Smith will confess that the Dunleavy was actually pretty nice, which is very high praise for a Rosé.  He doubts he will ever be a fan, but that was definitely one that could be drunk without too much trouble.


So after that it was time to start on some more reds, starting on the incredible Little Eagle from South Africa, provided by Vagabond, this definitely helped to keep Mr Smith warm.  Next was a beautiful Pinot Noir from The Sampler, which went down incredibly well.  This was on the recommendation of Vagabond and it was a great choice.  This was fairly swiftly followed by an ‘Extra Ordinary’ Claret from Berry Bros.  Definitely not an ordinary wine!

By this time though Mr Smith was getting peckish and it was time for some food.  The vote went to Kimchinary.  Mr Smith was swayed by the Ox Cheek & Brisket.  There have been some very average burrito’s recently but with Kimchinary they are anything but average.  Korean style burrito with Ox Cheek and Brisket, delicious, and provided the warmth that was needed.  However, it did not go with the Claret, but then again there was no expectation it would.  This was not a time for food and wine pairing.

After the Burrito it was back to the wine and the PSI from Peter Sissek, provided by Corney & Barrow, a perfect last red wine.

During the afternoon Mr Smith had been checking other options and had been talking to Vagabond about their White Port and had promised to go back and taste it.  Now was the time and it was stunning, the 10 year old from Butler Nephew & Co.

It was now time for the last drink and it needed to be something warming.  Mr Smith had spotted a spiced rum on the Forest Wines stall, BushTea.  Now if that could not warm Mr Smith up, nothing would.  It certainly did the trick and was really nicely balanced for a rum, a perfect end.

So after all that it was time to head home, armed with a bottle of the Little Eagle.  A lovely afternoon tasting some great wines and meeting interesting people, even if it was cold.

I will definitely back for the next one


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