Mr Smith needs to have goals and someone to push him.  If not a serious case of drifting can happen.  In the past, he has pushed the body too hard and only followed generic training programmes, with no one pushing him.  Now is the time to get some serious motivation, pushing and structure to  training.

How is that going to happen?  Through coaching…

Whatever the conditions, wherever the location, whenever it is, Mr Smith will follow the plan!


Picture courtesy of Francesco Gallarotti

The challenge is not being able to commit to a set time to visit a coach, so the solution is investing in remote coaching.  Mr Smith has signed up for a scheme with some elite level coaches to ensure that he can stay focused and get the most of the training, with no exception of become elite, just better in bod and mind.

To that end other changes have been made.  The main one is that the Sky TV subscription has been cancelled.  This will cover the cost of the training and also remove the desire to sit around and do nothing.  The idea being that there will be less time wasted in front of the TV.

Other changes will gradually be introduced, such as regained focus on the diet, reduced wine consumption (more focused on tasting and quality) and healthier living.  All of this is not only to improve the physical fitness but also the mental well being.

What has caused this change?  The need to regain the focus and ensure that any physical activity benefits both the body and the mind!

The goals have been set for 2016.  There will be at least 5 half marathons, but this time the focus is on just 2 of them.  Hackney and Copenhagen halves.  Both of which were runs completed in 2015.  Hackney though was under 6 weeks after an ankle operation and Copenhagen aggrevated the ankle.  Next year will be revenge on them and big PB’s will be achieved.  Sub 1:45 is the target for 2016, which should also mean a 45 minute 10k and hopefully 22 minute park run, plus the completion of the 1000 mile challenge in a calendar year.

There will be a number of 10k’s, park runs and other events completed and with the focus of the new coach Mr Smith hopes he can be kept on the straight an narrow.

The new training schedule will be received next week and there is a level of excitement building as this will be specific to Mr Smith’s needs and level.

Before then there will be one last free run at the Olympic Park 10k this Sunday.  Then it will all be focused activity, what ever that may be.

There will be lots of updates on training progress and how the coaching is going.  Mr Smith has already had a lengthy conversation with the coach and believes it will go well, he just needs to maintain the focus.  All help and support will be much appreciated and he is looking forward to the support of his local running group, the Genius Joggers.

Where ever Mr Smith is he will have some running gear with him. No change of packing light anymore.

Author: The Mr Smith

Photographer, Gourmet, Cook, Oenophile, Traveller, International Athlete, Investor, bit of a Geek and observer of life

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