Coaching – Week 4

Now that we are getting in to the swing of the training plan, this is the  review of the fourth week.  Again this is not a ‘normal’ week, lot of travelling and other activities, but lets see how it went…

This time I was travelling again, Tuscany, back to the UK for a night and then off to Australia, which enforced a couple of very much needed rest days on the plane.  Tuscany is a beautiful place and although I got wet on most runs, but it did not matter.

Day 1

Mid Length Run, 40 minutes easy pace and the final 30 at 5* 3 minutes marathon pace plus 15 seconds and then 3 minutes at Threshold, done a day early.

That was really though and it felt as if there was nothing left in the tank, mentally and physically.  This turned in to my first aborted run, pulling up short at the end of the second threshold, even walking a bit.  I did the third threshold, but then it was a case of walk/trot through to the end.

Lots of aches and for some reason the top of my right foot feels bruised.  Laces not too tight, no new kit or anything so not sure why that is.  Basically everything about this run felt wrong, other than the cadence, which I pretty much stuck to at 180 (when running).  The overall average was brought down by the walks towards the end

Screenshot 2016-01-04 12.13.41

Day 2

Recovery Run

Another one a day early.  The hope was to try and get another recovery run in the next day, before I flew home.

This should have been a recovery run, but I found myself running at a more natural pace, which meant working harder but feeling better.  The cadence was good at about 180 all the way.  The target pace would have been around the 6:00 km mark.

I spent quite a bit of the time trying to ease the pace back, but this was a more natural pace.  I had also spent a few hours in the car with a couple of walks along the way, one on a beach and one in the hills, so the legs were not that fresh, but they did feel better than the previous days though

Screenshot 2016-01-11 16.39.34

Day 3

I was originally planning to do another recovery run this day, but the weather (it was torrential) and time did not allow

Day 4

Structured Fartlek Intervals – 45 Minutes

That was a real struggle to run slow enough for the zones I set.  The first zone was set based on half marathon pace and then picking up quicker for the subsequent ones.  An average of 5:25 per km would give me under 1:55:00 for a half, which would officially be a PB, which is why I chose that starting range.

I was always ahead of the times and could not bring it down, maybe not the worse problem to have?  Even the GAP times were ahead of were I wanted to be.  The legs definitely felt better for a rest day.

The zones I set:

  • 6 minutes at 5:20 to 5:30
  • 5 minutes at 5:10 to 5:20
  • 4 minutes at 5:00 to 5:10
  • 3 minutes at 4:50 to 5:00
  • 2 minutes at 4:40 to 4:50
  • 1 minute at 4:30 to 4:40

Screenshot 2016-01-11 16.52.37

Screenshot 2016-01-11 16.59.17

Day 7

Recovery run

After landing in Australia the body clock was well out of sync and I did not get much sleep and very little on the 25 hour flight.  On top of that it was hot, even at 7 in the morning.  It sounded like a perfect ingredient for a bad run, but felt remarkably good.   New shoes as well.

A slight misdirection in the run, but that was OK as I felt good and wanted to extend the run anyway, so I did an extra couple of km as a separate activity, nice and easy.  I was running without a map but also hunting out restaurants at the same time, good to have a bit of a ‘free’ run.

Very pleased with the cadence, pretty much spot on what I am trying to do, my target (with the revised technique) is 180 spm.

Screenshot 2016-01-11 17.11.30

The Running Summary

  • 21.2 Miles, plus 7.7 miles walking (recorded amount plus lots more)
  • 3:06:47 Duration
  • 08:46 Average Pace
  • 652 ft climbed
  • 5 Activities recorded (excluding walking, swimming & cross training)
  • 2084 Calories, 417 average per session, equivalent to an hourly rate of 691 calories
  • 140 Average Heart Rate with a maximum average of 145 and a max of 163

So that was week 4.  Not my long eat week, mainly due to loosing 2 full days due to travel.

The Current Week

Screenshot 2016-01-11 16.13.17

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-01-11 16.13.44

Monthly Summary – Rolling 12 Months

Screenshot 2016-01-11 16.28.47

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-01-11 16.36.27

Week on week heat map

Screenshot 2016-01-11 16.14.59

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