Coaching – Week 6

Another week of travelling and training.  Different hotels, heat, altitude and lots of other things going on, but still keeping up with the training, this was week 6 of the coaching..

Day 1

Easy run: 30-40 minutes all easy this week.

This was quite tough, I do not know if the altitude, over 5000ft or the start of a cold made it tough, but I managed to keep it within the easy heart rate zone most of the time, or close to.  I did walk some of the steepest parts of the trail (at the beginning), but ran when sensible.  I can understand the appeal of trail running now, having down proper trails, just need the ankle to be stronger.  There was one moment of a twist that was painful, but the good news was that it did not turn over and the pain went quickly.

There were a few pauses to read maps and signs to make sure I did not get lost

Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.37.21


Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.38.19

Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.44.42

Day 2

Run: 5-10 minutes easy + 4 x 2 minutes @ 5km pace (60s recovery) + 2km @ threshold effort + 4 x 2 mins @ 5km effort (60s, 45s, 30s)

That was tough. Definitely not good with the altitude and not the best nights sleep.

Another couple of days to acclimatise would have been good.  The first ten were easy, but straight up hill! T he heart rate though did manage to stay in about zone 2, but I was running very slowly.

Next up were 4 2 minute efforts at 5km pace, with 1 minute recovery. I managed to do all these, mainly on a flat’ish area, but they were a bit of a struggle. I was trying to ease of the pace a little bit to counter the altitude.

Next was meant to be 2km at Threshold pace, but the lungs felt like they were working too hard and just could not do it. The HR was fine though, but the amount of effort I felt like I was putting in was a lot higher. I had to ease off and walk some of this, then gently run until the next set of 5km pace. I managed to do all but the last one of the 5km pace reps.

Definitely tough, but I listened to the body and eased off. All pain down the side of the right shin, which I sometimes get when I have been doing a lot of running so the rest day tomorrow will be helpful. Once mentally the run had gone it was so difficult to turn it back on again

The start, look at it from right to left, I went up!


Screenshot 2016-01-19 20.40.47

Day 4

Sandwich session: 5-10 mins easy warm up + 2.5km @ Half marathon PB pace + 5 x 3 minutes fast from 75-90s recovery + 2.5km Half marathon PB pace. 2 mins rest between sets.

I was struggling for safe locations to do what would have been a longish run so I headed to the beach to try and find some compact sand to run on.  Stunning location, but the sand was a bit too soft, plus it was 25c, too hot for me!  I realised early on that the physical condition was not going to allow me to do the session so I changed to a recovery run/walk along the beach

It felt like a lot of effort on the sand and I said the other day I had not sweated so much, I take that back, I beat it today!

Do not know if my stride pattern or foot fall imprint says anything or not

BeachBeach 2

Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.34.11

Day 5

An additional 5k run to make up for not completing the day before

Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.40.59

Day 6

Out and back run: 40 minutes. Run out for 20 minutes at a steady effort, turn and come back on the same route but try to get back 2-3 minutes faster.

That was tough, 25c before 8am!  I am definitely not a runner in hot temperatures, plus it was humid, 94%! The idea of the session was out and back. Run a route out and then back, out for 20 minutes but come back about 3 minutes quicker.  All was going fine, warm up for about 4.30 minutes, 20 minutes out and turn back, but then the heat started to hit home and not sure I can sweat anymore than that.

I ended up having to walk some of it to allow a bit of recovery time and heart rate to recover.  The return ended up at about 21 minutes.  Disappointing and I need to find the mental strength again to push through the bad moments.

Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.43.02

Day 7

Long run – 12 miles @ 5.40km (or around)

Long Run, this was meant to be 12 miles (19.3km) at 5:40 km pace.  I made it through to 17km but then hit my limit and walked another km before bringing it to an end.  The positive its that for the 17km I was at 5:41 ave pace, so good pace judgement.

Not so hot today, but still 22c and high humidity. I had an electrolyte drink and kept sipping on it plus water, but the amount of sweat was incredible, when I got back to the hotel it looked like I had stopped straight from the shower.

There were 2 stops en route, one when a man tried to control his dog and put his foot down a very big hole (down to his knee) so I checked up on him, that was about 2km or so in, then a pit stop at 7km and water bottle top up.

Not quite sure how Strava has it as 19.3km as it was 18.3 on Garmin

Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.45.44Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.44.59

Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.48.08

The Current Week

Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.56.07

8 Week Rolling Summary

Not the biggest week in terms of distance, but  definitely the biggest for climbing

Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.56.34Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.57.01

Monthly Summary – Rolling 12 Months

This will definitely be my biggest month, still a week to go.

Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.57.43

Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.57.57

Day to Day Summary – 2016

 Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.58.22

Week on week heat map

Screenshot 2016-01-24 14.58.51

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