Moving on from Florence Mr Smith hired a car and headed out to the Tuscan Hills for what he hoped would be 3 blissful days of peace, quiet, food and wine.  What did he find at Conti di San Bonifacio…

Once out of Florence the driving was easy, with very little traffic.  The challenge was that the sat nav in the hire car could not find the hotel, so Mr Smith programmed in the nearest town and as he got closer relied on Apple Maps and Siri to guide him there.  Which worked out very nicely.

Driving down a narrow country road you turn right and see a set of big double gates and the resort perched on top of a hill, with the vineyard in front.

As Mr Smith drove up the hill there was a mental note made that it would tough running up the hill!

The welcome from the staff at the resort was great and the upgrade to the Vineyard Suite was perfect.  Amazing views across the vineyard to the mountains and a huge room!

Given that this was early January, Mr Smith was not expecting many other guests to be around, which is what he found & wanted.  This is not a problem when you want to get away and have a relaxing time.  There were times when it was almost as if Mr Smith was the lord of the manor, getting one on one service and feeling very special indeed.

There are a few things to do at the resort, even in the off season.  Mr Smith spent a couple of hours in the kitchen with Jacopo the head chef, learning how to make pasta.  This was a great experience and has made Mr Smith realise that pasta is achievable at home.  Great to eat it after as well.

Also, as you would expect for a wine resort, there is the chance to have a tour round the vineyard and winery and to taste some of the wines.  This was really interesting and Mr Smith learnt a lot in a couple of hours.  The biggest revelations came when tasting the wine direct from the tanks and barrels.  The difference a year makes is huge, but the subtle difference a barrel can make is amazing.  The age of the barrel and even producer of the barrel can have an effect.  Well worth doing.

When there Mr Smith did a few runs and took in the local sites, but also headed off for a day down the coast to see what he could see.  Some amazing places, great beaches and mountain roads, with no one around, perfect!

The biggest surprise of all was probably the weather, it was glorious, apart from the day of departure.  One afternoon Mr Smith was sitting out by the pool with a glass of wine in the sun.  It could not have got any better.

Oh, and then came the food.  Mr Smith basically had the entire menu.  There was never going to be any question of heading out for food.  Mr Smith wanted to totally relax and kick back, which he did.

Some amazingly good food and Mr Smith also showed off the appetite that he has.  The final night polishing off 3 courses, which included a massive t-bone steak.  The chef was impressed and said that no one had done that before!

All in all Conti di San Bonifacio provided Mr Smith with exactly what he needed, some time away, relaxation, stunning views, some new knowledge and above all a sense of contentment

The Resort and Tuscany

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The Food

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