With the very kind help of Riva Lofts Mr Smith had manage to get a booking for lunch at Ora D’ria, one of the few Michelin star restaurants in Florence.  Find out about Mr Smith’s lunch time experience…

After walking in to Florence Mr Smith was welcomed in to the restaurant and, as seems to be the way now, he was given a prime view of the kitchen, sitting right outside the door to it.  This was great as he could see the team in action.

The menu for lunch had a different option than for dinner, and Mr Smith opted for the 5 tapas tasting menu.  Ideally he would have liked to have some matched wines to go with it, but that was not on offer.  So after a bit of a discussion a couple of glasses were chosen to go across the courses.

The bread that came out was amazing, salty, but amazing flavour.

All of the dishes that came out were brought out by the chefs, who provided a bit of detail about each dish.  The amusing moment came when one of the chefs started to explain in Italian, but the waitress very quickly asked him to explain in English, which he did very well.

First up came a delightful Beef Tartare, very delicate flavour, but the caviar and the fact that it had been marinated in beer provided extra depth of flavour.

The crab soup with tomato confit really provided a great hit of flavour from the crab.  The tomato did not shine through, but the dish would have lost something without it.

Next came the spaghetti with parmesan and olive oil.  This was delicious and again made Mr Smith want to get such good pasta back at home.

The next dish was the most intriguing one.  Ginger and parmesan raw and cooked egg.  Mr Smith was provided with some extra bread for this dish and was told to use it with the egg, or dunk it as he would say.  The dish was really nice and something very different, but there was no real evidence of the ginger.

Finally, the dish that Mr Smith was dreading when he saw it (maybe he should have thought about it when ordering), Tiramisu!  Mr Smith does not like coffee, particularly chocolate & coffee desserts.  However, at least this was a modern take on Tiramisu and Mr Smith did manage to eat it.  The coffee was not too strong, so that was eaten first and then the rest, which was really nice.  The German Riesling that had been recommended to go with it was amazingly good.

The overall experience was good, but a little flat in comparison to the previous nights meal.  However, lunch can be a different kettle of fish to an evening.  If Mr Smith had the chance to go back in the future he would like to give the evening a go as he expects this will be a much grander affair.  Overall though a great way to spend lunch.

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