Breakfast in Melbourne, something that is done incredibly well, generally, but perfectly ay Cumulus Inc.  Find out about Mr Smith’s delicious breakfast…

As well as generally doing great dining experiences and food, the Australians excel at breakfast/brunch.  Mr Smith has been lucky to have some great ones, especially in Melbourne.

The problem was, so many places to choose from and not enough days to get to all of them, but Mr Smith plumped for a trip to Cumulus Inc, which had been recommended a couple of times.

Arriving mid morning the place was busy, but Mr Smith was invited to take a seat at the kitchen counter, which was perfect.  A great place to read, watch the chefs and also peple watch.  What more could he ask for?  Oh yes, great food!  He was not disappointed.

After lots of exercise Mr Smith was hungry, which he always is anyway, so he ordered some toast and jam and also the Home Smoked Trout and Potato Rosti, with preserved lemon and egg.

The toast was a great sourdough bread, perfectely toasted, which just needed a bit of butter on one of them and then the jam on the others.  There is something so satisfying about good toast.

While he was waiting, Mr Smith had seen the chefs preparing the rosti and the trout and was waiting with great expectation and it was incredible.  Quite possibly the best brunch dish he has had.  The fish was perfectly smoked and cooked and the thick slice of the rosti was spot on.  Both things were nicely complimented with the lemon and egg, something a bit different, but definitely good.

Mr Smith would be happy to have spent quite a few brunches there to work his way through the menu, but there were lots of travels to be done and other places to go.


Cumulus Inc. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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