Coaching – Week 10

It was hoped that there would be some running this week, but not as yet.  Any running sessions were replaced with more turbo work, next week will be back on the feet, but this is how the last week went…

Day 2

Threshold: 10 mins easy + 4 x 2km @ threshold effort (3 mins easy) + 10 mins easy

This should have been a run, but the original idea was to switch this with day 3 and wait to see how the physio went on Wednesday.  If I had been given the nod to run I would have done this on Wednesday instead.

Given that I did the Day 3 session today, which worked nicely as a recovery ride.

The aim was to keep the HR in Zone 2, circa 130 beats.  This took quite a lot of effort to keep it up that high.  The only real peaks above were on simulated climbs and also to beat PB’s on them.  The ave power until 37 mins was about 180w, then I cruised for the last 3 to cool down.

Pleased with that.Screenshot 2016-02-19 21.18.18

Day 3

40 minute easy spin on turbo

The plan was to do the Day 2 session, but the physio advised against running so I created a turbo session instead, to try and replicate the efforts of the run.

10 minute warm up, 4 * 10 minute threshold (circa 140 bpm) & 2 minute easy plus 8 minute warm down.

It was a good session with the average HR’s in the threshold efforts at 140 with splits of 135, 138, 142 & 143.  It was good that they were increasing, but I will be trying to lift the effort in the first few thresholds in the futureScreenshot 2016-02-20 13.13.34Screenshot 2016-02-20 13.12.27Screenshot 2016-02-19 21.22.22Screenshot 2016-02-19 21.21.32

Day 5

75 minutes with final 45 minutes @ 15 x 3 mins alternating odd # threshold, even steady pace (no rest)

Another run replacement session to try and replicate the effort that would have been put in to the run

15 minute warm up, 10 * 3 minute threshold & 3 minute steady, plus 15 minute steady and warm down

This was a couple of extra threshold efforts than would have been on the run and it was tough, but good.  I chose the hilly option on Zwift on the Richmond course, so more climbing than normal.  My threshold sets did not combine brilliantly with the hills, but it did mean the steady efforts were better as I was not resting too much, which is what was needed.

I was trying to keep the power up as well and the few spikes in HR were when I was chasing a segment PB.

The average HR on the threshold sets was 144.  The sets were averaging 141, 143, 142, 142, 143, 143, 147, 145, 143 & 148.  This would be about right knowing that the HR is always a bit lower for effort on the turbo, with the average power about 215 for those efforts as well.  This was better than the Day 3 effort as I got the HR up more in the first sets and held it there.  The last 2 started to feel hard, but pushed hard in them and the last one I was chasing a PB on one of the climbs.  All helps mentally.

The 3 turbo rides this week have all averaged over 600 calories per hour, which is a step up from the previous weeks where they would have been in the 500’s.  600 is my benchmark for cycling, over 600 is generally a good effort.

That takes the time on the turbo to 13 1/2 hours in 14 days and past the 400km mark in the processScreenshot 2016-02-20 12.51.49Screenshot 2016-02-20 13.04.19Screenshot 2016-02-19 21.24.05Screenshot 2016-02-19 21.25.57Screenshot 2016-02-19 21.30.16

Day 6

40 minutes on turbo to include 8 x 2 mins hard (60s easy spin)

With the hard efforts I was aiming to be around 250 watts on average for each one.  I did not manage to do it, but gave everything I had in each one, which did not feel a lot.  They averaged about 225 but the legs really did not have it in them today, carrying last nights ride, plus a little over exuberance from last night as wellScreenshot 2016-02-20 12.59.32Screenshot 2016-02-20 11.57.15Screenshot 2016-02-20 10.36.32Screenshot 2016-02-20 10.36.14

Day 7

Long Run – 75 minutes, 45 easy, 30 pick up

After discussions with the coach this was replaced with a 2 hour turbo ride, easy, but taking in steady climbs.  I opted for the figure 8 route on the Zwift Watopia course.  This I knew would have good long stretches of flat, but also some good steady climbs that would repeat a few times.

The legs felt heavy again, but got through it.  The first half an hour was easy, then picked up for the final 3 half hours, apart from the last 5 minutes of the last one where I eased back to cool down a bit.

There were 4 climbing sections on the course and a few spikes in HR and power were either chasing a PB on a climb or putting a sprint in for the same reason.  I needed them to help keep the focus going.

On the short sprint I was 14th out of 103 (not normally that high up) which came after an hour and a half so was very pleased to pick it up so much at that point. It is only 15 seconds, but every achievement helps.Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.09.57

Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.10.16Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.14.01Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.15.04Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.12.14

The Current Week

Another week with no running, but some good hard mileage on the turbo instead.  Hopefully the cardio efforts will see me through Brighton Half next weekend.  This has already turned in to my biggest month on a bike (whether in or outdoors) with still some more to do.  Equivalent of 300 miles done to date and 16 hours on the turbo.

I have also started doing additional analysis from the available data.  This does show that I tend to favour the right leg when the power goes down and at threshold efforts.  This does not surprise me as the left ankle is the one that has had all the trouble, but I will try and focus on keeping that balance/effectiveness even.Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.19.34

8 Week Rolling Summary

All Activities

Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.30.00Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.30.27

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.32.16Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.32.54

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.33.30Screenshot 2016-02-21 14.33.56 

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