Coaching – Week 13

Unlucky for some?  That was the 13th week of coaching and things are back on an upward curve with the running, physically things are coming back, but the mind needs some work…

Day 2

Out and back run 40 minutes. Run out at and easy effort for 20 minutes, turn and aim to get back 2-3 minutes faster on the same route.

I was not sure how this would go as it was the first time I have managed to complete this type of set.  I was aiming to do about 5:30km pace on the way out, but making sure I remained in zone 2, which I pretty much did, apart from when there were small inclines.

Ideally I would have wanted to find a flat route to do this, but went for a relatively circular one to try and even out the elevation and efforts.

When hitting the turn at 20 minutes I had done 3.6 km at a pace of 5:33.  Turning round I picked the pace up, and doing some quick maths in my head was aiming for between 4:45 and 5:00 minute km’s.  I did the second half of the run in 17:16 at a pace of 4:47

It did feel tough on the return, but I am pleased with the pace and effort levels.  Still running with pain in the ankle though.

Screenshot 2016-03-08 19.49.49Screenshot 2016-03-08 19.50.05Screenshot 2016-03-08 18.01.01Screenshot 2016-03-08 20.26.00

Day 3

Easy run 35 minutes fully conversational

One day I will run pain free and feel fluent.  Today was not that day.  General aches as well as the ankle, but that is due to normal day to day stuff, like trains and the office.  I always seem to struggle to keep the cadence up when I am running slowly and keeping things easy.  Kept trying to keep it up.

Screenshot 2016-03-09 19.47.03Screenshot 2016-03-09 19.47.28Screenshot 2016-03-09 19.57.58

Day 4

XT – Swim 20 minutes + stretch

The swim felt fine, trying to build up as I progress through it.  Would be good if I was a better swimmer and was in a bigger pool, but needs must.  The pool is 15m in length so it does mean a lot of turns, but I try not to push off to much on the turns so as to maximise the swimming effort

The swim was 810m at an average 100m pace of 2:28Screenshot 2016-03-12 11.22.47

Day 5

XT – Elliptical or bike 70 minutes to include 3 x 3,2,1 (60s) + 4 x 2 mins hard / 2 mins easy

First time on an elliptical trainer for a very long time.  The session was carried over from Day 4 as work commitments meant I could not do it in the evening.  As a result this was a shorter session than planned, due to time constraints in the morning and not wanting too much fatigue to be in the body ahead of the weekend.

I did 2 sets of the 3,2,1 and then 1 set of the hard, so 35 minutes in total.  I was surprised that I managed to get the heart rate up to 160 when pushing hard.  The challenge was that the machine moved when pushing it hard so I had to get off and push it back in to place 3 times.Screenshot 2016-03-12 11.21.22

Day 6

XT – Swim 30 minutes + Zova (core)

Not sure why but this felt tougher than it should have done.  The stroke felt all over the place and very splashy and kept getting mouthfuls of water.  It turns out that it was the most effort, in terms of heart rate, for any swim to date, but I do not think it was as much effort as it showed.

The effort was 1170m of swimming at an average 100m pace of 2:35

Screenshot 2016-03-12 11.19.45

Day 7

Long run – 90 minutes keep the first 45 minutes easy then include 4 x 6 minutes at threshold effort in the final 45 from 3 minutes easy recovery

This started out with no problems at all, nice comfy 45 minutes.  The only problem was that the heart monitor was reading incredibly high, to the point where I knew it was not working correctly.  Brief stop, reset a few things and that was all sorted.  It does mean that the data is a little skewed in terms of average HR for the first block.  The pace though was good at 5:37 per km.

The challenge by this point though was that I had misjudged the temperature a bit and had completely lost the sensation in my fingers.

The first threshold set was fine, but just towards the end of it I caught up with my work MD and went straight past him, but as i past he talked so I eased off a bit and luckily it was the end of the set.

The next set I past him again, but he has been having calf trouble and had pulled over so I slowed to check up on him but carried on at the same pace as the previous set, 4:50 per km on both of them.

The third set was where it went a bit wrong, mentally I had lost focus and part way through stopped.  Whether or not it was due to being distracted by my boss or some other reason, but the focus went and I stopped.  Taking the positive from it though, I re-grouped, took on some fluids, gave myself a kick up the back side and started the set again.

I got through the final set OK, not as quick as I would have wanted, but taking the good from both of them the 2 final sets were at a grade adjusted pace of 5:04 and 5:03, both of which I would have been happy with before and will take it, especially given the slight mental breakdown.

It came in as 9.99 miles in total, which is the 4th longest run of the year in training.  I am taking all the positives and parking the negatives of the run, which is what I hope to do on all occasions going forward.

Screenshot 2016-03-13 12.25.04Screenshot 2016-03-13 12.25.34Screenshot 2016-03-13 12.26.53

The Current Week

A more positive week with a couple of runs, a full gait analysis carried out on Saturday manageable levels of pain when running and just about fitting things around the current work demands.

Screenshot 2016-03-13 12.52.54

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-03-13 12.53.25Screenshot 2016-03-13 12.55.52


Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-03-13 12.57.02

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-03-13 12.57.44

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-03-13 12.57.25

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