Coaching – Week 15

After the North London Half the legs recovered remarkably well, but another week of long hours in the office meant that it was a difficult week for training again…

Day 1

Swim – recovery session so keep this all easy – 20 minutes

This had to be done on the morning of Day 2 rather then on the evening of Day 1 due to the pool being closed.  780m in a 15m pool in 20 minutes doing back stroke at 2:34 per 100m pace.  It felt very comfy and the legs were fine, which was good.  I am not a quick swimmer, but I do try and keep the effort up

Screenshot 2016-03-27 07.19.56

Day 3

Short easy shakeout run: 20 minutes easy

Up and out very early and doing a lap around my favourite park in London before anyone else was there was good.  Victoria Park at dawn (5:20am) and the legs again were fine, very steady pace.  I loved the peace and quiet of that time of the morning.

Screenshot 2016-03-27 07.23.58

Turbo 60 minutes to include 2 x 25 minute burns at strong steady/low end threshold effort with 5 min easy warm up and 5 min easy between efforts

This was part 2 of the day, but sadly due to getting out of the office very late there was just not the time to fit it in, which was frustrating

Day 4

Pre breakfast run: 40 minutes to include 2 x 8 minutes @ threshold from 3 minute easy recovery

At last a chance for a lay in, but still needed to work from home.  A bit later than normal for a first thing in the morning run and only fueled by a cup of tea I headed out for the threshold sessions.  Nice steady warm up at 5:50km pace and then the thresholds.

The first set felt like it lasted for an eternity, but I kept on pushing it.   It was not easy to be at Threshold as the first part of it was down hill and then and uphill so I am pleased with the 4:26 pace (4:23 grade adjusted).

The recovery 3 minutes were nice and steady and I managed to get the heart rate down in to zone 2 fairly quickly before heading off on to the second threshold set.

This one did not feel like it went on for so long, which pleased me.  I must have settled in to it or the mind was in a better place and managed to do 4:27 pace (4:23 grade adjusted).

Really pleased with 2 things, 1 the general average pace of 5:09 which included 24 minutes of easy running out of the 40, but the most pleasing was the evenness of the pace in the 2 threshold sets (the first time I have managed that properly).  Almost identical and at about my 5k pb pace.  Not bad considering the half at the weekend.  Hopefully though over the summer I will edge that pace down closer to the 4:00 mark, maybe too ambitious but we shall see.

Screenshot 2016-03-24 09.06.59Screenshot 2016-03-24 09.07.11Screenshot 2016-03-27 07.18.15

Day 6

Parkrun + 5 mins easy + 2 x 5 mins @ 10km pace from 3 mins easy recovery

I got up, got ready and dressed (after doing 2 hours of work) and was hoping to get down to Parkrun, but sadly the stomach was off and I could just not make it to Parkrun.  Really was a shame as I wanted to give it a go.  I was sitting around for most of the morning in my running gear and hoping the stomach would settle.

Eventually I plucked up the courage to head out to try and do the set, but staying close to home!

I was trying to treat it as a race (not easy when you are on your own) and did a nice steady 1 mile warm up, then it was time for the off.  I had chosen a loop of about 1.2km, which would do 2 things, keep the elevation gains level plus even out the effects of what was becoming a strong wind.

The legs were feeling fine when I set off with the first 3 km covered in 4:27, 4:17 & 4:18 pace, but then at just over 3km I felt sick and had to walk for a brief period to make sure I wasn’t.  I did manage to start again and finish off the 5km with 2 slower km’s, but still feeling sick.

I got through to 5k in 22:18, which I think might actually be my second fastest 5k, behind Melbourne Park Run.  Impressed as that included some walk.  Given what happened and how I felt that was not too bad at all and gives me hope of sub 21:30 in a 5k or even below the 21:00 mark.

I did try and carry on to do the remaining sets, but each time I tried to pick up the pace I felt sick so I took the decision to end the session.

The moral is do not run with an upset stomach and do not go out to fast when you have, but I  just assumed I could push the body through it.

Ignore the Heart rate in the warm up, HRM was dodgy again.

Screenshot 2016-03-27 07.13.07Screenshot 2016-03-27 07.13.53Screenshot 2016-03-27 07.21.40

Day 7

Split LR: 45 minute super easy run + bike 75 minutes (road if possible)

It definitely took a while to get any sense of fluidity in the running for this, but it came eventually.  Still not feeling 100% but not as bad as yesterday.  Not sure I can do ‘Super Easy’ but I kept in Zone 2 most of the time, with the odd touch at the bottom end of zone 3.

As soon as I got back home it was a case of a quick change and on to the turbo.  The weather was not good, so not worth taking it out on the road, wet and windy is not good training weather!

I opted for the random course on Zwift, which actually took me straight up the new mountain extension.  This basically meant that after about 5 minutes it was then up hill for the next 50!  The gradients are not the same as outdoors, but they did max at 17% and I was in granny gear for quite a while!  Just for good measure, it put in another climb for the last 7 minutes!

This was the first split LR and when looking at all the stats the average heart rate for both of them was 135, but the amount of effort to do that on the turbo is a lot more than for running!

Screenshot 2016-03-27 13.19.50Screenshot 2016-03-27 13.21.30Screenshot 2016-03-27 14.22.58

The Current Week

Not a bad week in terms of recovering from the half, but a bit frustrating to miss a session and not complete another one.  Hopefully the coming week will be a lot better as I am not working and can focus on the 10k race at the weekend.

One thing I have decided is to re-assess the targets for the year, which were sub 22 5k (done), sub 45 10k and sub 1:45 for a half.  Given where I am already this year I want to stretch those a bit to (I want to beat all of these times):

  • 5k – 21:00
  • 10k – 44:00
  • Half – 1:43:00

I know those will be tough and they are stretch targets and I would be happy if I do the originals, but I will strive for the new ones.

Screenshot 2016-03-27 13.56.06

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-03-27 13.56.42Screenshot 2016-03-27 13.57.08

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-03-27 13.58.30

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-03-27 13.59.16

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-03-27 13.58.57


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