Coaching – Week 16

A good varied week of activity, finished off with the 5th pb in 5 races…

Day 1

Turbo: 30 minute easy spin out

I got a little carried away with this and ended up doing 45 minutes as I was watching the second half of Mark Noble’s testimonial on the TV.  Took it nice and easy and opted for the flat route on Zwift, but somehow managed to do a couple of PR’s on it without even thinking about it.  Never even got above an HR of 121.

Screenshot 2016-03-29 14.13.03

Extra Swim

As I had some spare time I headed up to explore the gym, use the steam room and have a gentle swim and I do mean gentle.  12 minutes for 450m.  As long as I get my timing right (so it is not too busy) it should be good for getting the swimming sessions in, plus for the steam, sauna & jacuzzi!

Screenshot 2016-03-29 14.16.51

Day 2

Threshold: 45 minutes to include 4 x 5 minutes. Run the first 2 at 10 mile race, the final 2 at 10km pace all from 75 secs recovery

So the plan was to do the 10 mile pace at 4:50 to 5:05 per km (bearing in mind I have not done a 10 mile this was an estimated pace based on my half marathon PB of 5:02 pace), the target was 4:57.  The 10k pace was set at 4:35 to 4:50 based on my current PB, but wanted to be as close to the 4:35 as possible, which would be ahead of PB pace.

This was also treated as a test ahead of the race on Day 7.  I ran on the downs link, so the surface was uneven and muddy in places.  This tested 2 things, 1 the ankle and 2 the shoes for the weekend.  Both passed, just the normal pain but nothing unmanageable.

The route was a straight out and back, with the planned turn towards the end of the recovery between the 10m and 10k pace sets.  It was still breezy and it felt like the wind was more in the face on the way out during the 10m pace, so the efforts may be slightly distorted, but not too much.

On the way out the efforts felt OK and I knew I was running ahead of the target times, but I was keeping the effort in HR zone 3 (averaged on both of them 147 bpm), with a maximum of 150 in the second one, which is still in the zone.  Very pleased given the surface and the average pace of 4:45 and 4:36 for the 10m sets, much quicker than planned and nearer 10k pace than 10 mile.

Turning back it was time to lift up to the 10k.  I lifted the pace a bit and was just in the Threshold area for the heart rate, with averages of 152 & 155 and a max of 160 so pretty comfy in terms of effort for Thresholds.  I did not want to push too much more as I knew the pace was very good, with averages at 4:27 & 4:23.  The challenge now will be to translate those sets in to full 10k races, which would be close to the new target.

This has also given lots of confidence for the race on Sunday knowing that I can cope with the surface and the shoes I want to run in will be fine.

Screenshot 2016-03-29 14.01.57Screenshot 2016-03-29 14.02.14Screenshot 2016-03-29 14.04.00Screenshot 2016-03-29 14.03.13Screenshot 2016-03-29 14.36.36

Day 3

Turbo: 75 minutes to include 2 x 10 minutes @ threshold (5 mins easy rec) + 10 x 30 sec burns at a high cadence, 30 sec spin out recovery. Everything else easy

That was tough, but felt good.  I was not sure how the legs would feel after the run yesterday and at the start they did feel a bit heavy, but after gently easing in to the first 10 minutes they loosened up and felt good.

I was going on a random route on Zwift, but it took me up the reverse side of the mountain, which was good as that coincided with the threshold efforts.  I could keep a good cadence and power while going up the hills.  The idea was to try and get too about 150 HR, which would be the top end of my aerobic zone, which is about the same effort as running threshold.

The first block averaged 146 with a max of 152, which was followed by an easy 5 minutes rolling up the hill at a steady pace.  I did struggle to get the HR up, even though I was going for it.  The second block was better and averaged 150 and max of 157.  Pretty tough on the trainer.

After 5 more minute recovery, which was on the down hill, it was time for the spins.  Which perfectly was mainly flat.  I was hoping to get a cadence of 130 to 140.  I hit each one hard and had the cadence up, but difficult to sustain at such a high spin and generally the averages were around 127/8 area.

The last couple of them felt really tough, but good to have done them all and legs still felt good at the end during the easy roll out

Screenshot 2016-03-30 15.32.00Screenshot 2016-03-30 15.32.16Screenshot 2016-03-30 15.33.09Thresholds

Swim – recovery session so keep this all easy – 30 minutes + XT: Zova – core

After doing my induction in the gym and a workout it was time to head to the pool.  I am still getting used to it and struggling to spot the ends.  Peril of doing backstroke is that you need a spot on the ceiling to work out where you are.  Smooth ceiling is not easy!  I will get there though.  It was quite busy as well so had to keep stopping a bit, hence very slow time.

It was not bad though, 1050m @ 2:52 per 100m.  It was meant to be an easy swim, which it was.  Body feels good though and taking advantage of the steam room in the gym will definitely help keep things loose

Day 5

Progression run: 10/10/10

I sneaked in a short an light session at the gym in the morning, elliptical, rowing and swimming, but in the afternoon headed out for the run.  The route I chose was hillier than normal, but the aim was to progress the effort not necessarily the pace.  I was not sure where in the timing I would hit the hill, but I would deal with it when I got there.

Nice an easy to start with and really pleased with a pace of just over 5:30 per km.  It would not have been long ago when I would have been nearer 6 minutes per km for an easy set.  The steady set was a bit more up hill and I slowed down to climb the big hill, trying to keep the HR in zone.  It did go over a bit but I kept it under control.  I turned and headed off down the hill, before I started on the Threshold zone.

I had managed a 5:11 pace for this set, which was more up then down, as was the last one, which I covered in a 4:37 pace, the exact pace I would need to get a PB for a 10k.  This also included a brief pause for crossing the dual carriageway, where I lost about 5 seconds.

The legs did not feel like they were flowing too much, but pleased with the times and the effort.  Can not make my mind up if I am a better runner in the afternoon or morning.  Mornings definitely feel better, but not sure whether I perform any better or not.

I also got, according to Garmin, a new PB for 1km during the run of 4:11.8.  This was a marginal improvement against my 4:12.0 in the City of London Mile last year.  Not sure where in the run this would have been but no doubt downhill assisted.  I will need to run much quicker than that in the mile races I have booked this year.

Screenshot 2016-04-01 18.40.00Screenshot 2016-04-01 18.40.14Screenshot 2016-04-01 19.58.34Screenshot 2016-04-01 19.59.29Screenshot 2016-04-01 19.59.57

Day 6

Swim: 20 minutes + Zova (core)

A nice easy swim.  Getting to the gym for opening time meant I got a clear run at it for 20 minutes.  690m @ 2:57 pace.  Not sure I will ever be a quick swimmer doing back stroke, but you never know.  The more I do the more comfortable I wil be at it.

Screenshot 2016-04-03 15.19.57

Day 7

Mel’s Milers 10k

Full details of the run can be found on the Mel’s Milers post.  A lovely run in a new PB of 45:16.  A big step towards the original 10k target for the year, especially as the course was a trail.

Screenshot 2016-04-03 14.58.11Screenshot 2016-04-03 14.58.23

Screenshot 2016-04-03 15.39.08

The Current Week

A good and varied week.  Not massive mileage, but some good positives and finshed off with a big 10k pb

Screenshot 2016-04-03 15.04.53

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-04-03 15.05.12Screenshot 2016-04-03 15.18.05

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-04-03 15.06.28

Monthlty Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-04-03 15.06.50

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-04-03 15.06.41

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