Coaching – Week 17

This was a week where I had to dig really deep.  There is a determination to stick to the plan in preperation for Hackney Half, it was tough, but find out how I got on…

Day 1

Turbo: 30 minute easy spin out

A nice easy spin  out, where I may have got a bit competitive.  Collecting a few PB’s and going for the sprints.  Felt look a good roll out though.

Screenshot 2016-04-10 14.55.39

Day 2

Threshold: 60 minutes with 7 x 5 minutes (sorry 😉 at threshold. Run the first 4 at 10 mile race pace, the last 3 at 10km pace pace all from 75s recovery

OK, it is never good when your caoch says sorry about a session!  

The pace was set on the watch at 4:45 to 5:00 pace per km for the 10 mile pace and 4:30 to 4:45 for the 10km pace, this was based on the new 10k pb at the weekend.  

I had to dig really deep on the last two 10km blocks.  The pace felt good and the effort was OK, but the legs and body was carrying the 10k from the weekend.

I pulled up a little short of the hour for 2 reasons, 1 I wanted to just have a little bit of walk down to get home, but also the ankle was starting to feel it and I knew it was the right thing when I started to walk.

Although the running felt laboured and not very fluent, it turns out that the judgement of pace was good, expecially taking in to account the gradients.  The 10km blocks were mainly uphill.

The 10 mile pace blocks were between (grade adjusted) 4:35 and 4:57 pace.  one of them was a bit too quick, but that was the last one.  Moving on to the 10k blocks, again grade adjusted, the pace was 4:24,  4:40 & 4:34.

Very pleased with that after the weekend.  Yes it was hard, but it was not a race so not as easy to sustain a high level and getting through 10k in sub 50 was good.  I need to remember that in that 10k 17 1/2 minutes of that was easy running.  Only 8 months ago that would have been a 10k race pb, by a long way!

Screenshot 2016-04-05 21.04.45Screenshot 2016-04-05 21.05.08Screenshot 2016-04-05 21.25.56

Day 3

Turbo Session: 75 minutes to include 3 x 15 minutes from 5 minutes easy recovery. Aim to get HR up to roughly where you would be during a half marathon on the first and 3rd block but the middle block try and push it up a little higher

That hurt!  I was trying to get the HR up to about 150 in the 1st and third blocks and 155 in the middle block.

The legs felt heavy before the start, carrying the 2 runs,  but I tried to stick with it and get the HR up in the blocks, but no matter how much I tried I could not get it up as high as I wanted.  Zwift took me up the mountain so that it was hard effort, but there was no way I could put more in to it.

Coming down the mountain (block 3) I was flat out and pushing as big a gear as possible.

I was able to lift a little bit in the middle block and overall a really hard effort.  I was utlilising ever last bit of will power to complete this and digging deep again.  Even if I could not get the HR up as high as I wanted, still a good effort, but the most pleasing thing was mentally getting through it without any backing off.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 20.41.14Screenshot 2016-04-06 20.41.28Screenshot 2016-04-06 20.49.10Unknown

Day 5

Recovery run: 40 minutes all super easy

It was off to the gym for the first time on the treadmill.  Speed set at 10kph on the treadmill and 1% incline.

The good thing about running at the gym is that I could focus on the running technique.  Looking in the mirror was very useful.  Not sure whether or not the distance recorded by Garmin is correct.   It should be based on the running dynamics on the watch and heart rate monitor, but feel a bit high.  Mind you, the distance recorded on the treadmill felt low.  8.18km v 6.58.  At times during the run I tried to tweak the style and cadence a little bit and also focused on pushing the treadmill away from me.

This probably resulted in the heart rate going above the target, but it still felt comfy.  The last few minutes I dropped the speed to 9kph to start the warm down.

Screenshot 2016-04-08 20.14.58

As well as the run, I took the opportunity to add in some extra acitivity, starting with a nice easy 2000m row

Screenshot 2016-04-08 20.18.26

This was then followed by a nice gentle swim, only 225m but done to loosen off and freshen up.

Screenshot 2016-04-08 20.21.30

Day 6

90 minutes run as 45 minutes out at a steady effort, turn and aim to get back 5-8 minutes faster

Under normal cirumstances I would not have done this run, but I am determined to stick to the plan ahead of Hackney.  I had spent the day doing a Cheese Making course, which obvioiusly meant eating it and also having a late lunch.  The course ran on a bit longer than thought so the run did not start until later than I would have wanted.

The legs definitely did not feel good and it was not until an hour that they started to find any form of fluency.

I am not sure why but I do not like these sessions.  Just seem to find them harder than they should be, but pleased that I stuck at it.

The chosen route was hillier than normal, but I chose it as I hoped that it would be a good balance in terms of elevation on the out and back.  The GPS seems to have measured it lower on the way back, consistently about 10ft under the same place on the outbound, so the stats do not reflect this properly.

Heading out I was keeping the run easy, but when the hills kicked in I was trying to keep as close to 145 hr as possible.  I managed reasaonbly well.  Nothing felt particularly good on the outbound part, heavy legs, heavy stomach and brain not wanting to do it.  The advantage of doing a pure out and back is that when you get to half way you do have to come back!  No chance to bail out part of the way through.  The timing for the end of the first block was perfect, just on the crest of a hill, so I ran round the very small island at the top of the hill and headed back down.

The aim was to do at least 5 minutes quicker coming back, but coming down the hill there was a horroble realisation, the wind was in my face.  I had obviously been running with it quite a bit on the way out and had to run in to it coming back.  It was not a bad wind, and the report shows 8mph average, but it was in to me for most of the way back.

Once the legs started to loosen up the pace picked up and I headed for home.  Not a bad pace coming back but the effort was there coming back in to the breeze.

Overall pleased to have done it.  The legs feel actually after the run and I managed to focus the mind on the run and get through it.

Screenshot 2016-04-09 20.49.13Screenshot 2016-04-09 20.49.32Screenshot 2016-04-09 21.09.28

Day 7

Road bike 40km easy but include rolling terrain and work hills strongly

The first ride on the road of the year.  It was great to be out on the road again, but it was a chilly morning and some tricky conditions.  The downhills mainly had water on them from the fields and as for pot holes, they were massive!  This maeant a little more caution in places and a few heart stoppers when the water appeared just at the wrong point, as in when needing to brake on a down hill bend!  No issues though and enjoyed being on the road.

I took it fairly steady, but the leags were heavy after the last few days training, but I did push on the hills, both up and downs.  I tend to ride like I train on the turbo, pedal all the way.  I shipped a chain at one point and had to stop at most junctions, but other than that a good ride.  Relatively hilly so pleased with the speed overall, averaging 15.6 mph.  I would be happy with that in the Ride London 100 as that would be under 6:30 hours.  Bearing in mind that was solo it seems that the turbo training has helped a lot.  The total time of 1:35:22 was 4:32 quicker than the previous time I rode this loop in May 2015.

Also pleased with the power output, bearing in mind I was not flat out, or trying for high power.  Maximum of 507w, with an average of 173 and a maximum 20 minute average of 193.

Screenshot 2016-04-10 14.33.45

The Current Week

That was a tough week, but good to have done all the sessions, plus a little extra.  I also had the results of Mels Milers applied to my Run Britain Ranking, which improved to 12.1 after the race.  I need to get that improved over the rest of the year, but it has jumped forward a lot in the last year.  The previous peak was 12.4

Screenshot 2016-04-10 14.41.36Screenshot 2016-04-10 14.42.40

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-04-10 14.43.10Screenshot 2016-04-10 14.43.29

The chart above does not include the treadmill session

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-04-10 14.43.49

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-04-10 14.44.25

Day to Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-04-10 14.44.04

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