The surprise you get when you get notified that you are in to one of the biggest events of the year, especially when you do not expect to get in.  Big surprise!  Find out why Mr Smith is going to do the Ride London 100 in July…

Those that have read other posts on the blog will know I have been doing a lot of running over the last year, but that has not been easy.  This time last year I was in an ankle aircast after an operation on both a tendon and ligament in an ankle.  The running has taken a lot of effort to get back in to and a year later still causes pain.

In reality the training for running has only been back up for the last 6 months, which is now being greatly helped by Tom Craggs from Running With Us, who will also be helping for this upcoming challenge.

There has been very little cycling in the time, yes a few sessions, but mainly focused on cross training to aid the running.

However, the outdoor training has now started with the completion of the first 25 mile ride.  It felt great to be back outside, but Mr Smith knows the next 15 weeks of training is going to be hard, especially as there is a half marathon in May, plus 2 10k’s and 2 mile races to fit in before it, plus a 100km sportive, and then another half marathon in September.  This follows 2 half marathons already and 2 10k races, all of which have lead to new personal bests.

So that is the background, but why is Mr Smith doing it?

It would have been so easy to defer the entry to 2017 as all of the efforts are focused on running, but after getting over the initial shock of getting in and thinking about the options, it just had to be done.  Yes, it will hurt and yes there will be suffering, but there are millions of people that will be suffering and would not have the ability to get on a bike, walk, or do anything remotely close to it.

Mr Smith decided that he had to put in the effort and support a charity for those that would not be fortunate enough to be able to do anything like it.

After only a brief process of thought Mr Smith will be raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society.  Why them?  Well there is personal experience of how this can affect people after watching my Granded, Douglas McMurdo suffer from this.  I know that every time the pain kicks in or I think about stopping I will think about him and it will spur me on to the end.

Mr Smith will be  doing 100 miles and over 6000 ft of climbing in 1 day, the toughest challenge to date, but nothing like the challenge of having Alzheimers disease and other Dementias.

Any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated by: 

  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • All of the people they help and support
  • Lastly by Mr Smith

It will help a great deal to know that people are supporting when Mr Smith is training and slogging round the course and he will Remember To Be ProudScreenshot 2016-04-10 16.14.21 2

As with everything sport related Mr Smith will not be competing against others, but just against himself and he will be giving it everything he has.  The tank will be completely empty at the end.  What are the targets:

  • First of all finish it and raise as much money as possible
  • Secondly finish it in under 7 hours
  • and secreyly the desire will be to do it in under 6 hours, which will be very tough and will take every ounce of effort and will power

Please help all you can and donations can be done via Just Giving, which is the most effective way for the charity to receive donations.

Regular updates will be posted on how things are going, please pop back and take a look.

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