Coaching – Week 19

A tough week for a number of reasons, but one I am pleased to have got through and completed all of the training sessions…

Day 1

Gym: 20 minutes easy on cross over machine (should work legs laterally) + 25 minutes on elliptical to include 3 x 6 minutes of 5 word answer effort.

Definitely not feeling great today but headed to the gym to sweat things out and hopefully to re-energise.  This was the first proper gym session as part of the coaching.  I split this in to 2 activities for ease.

It was the first time I had used a cross over machine so glad it was an easy session, but one that was good.  I eased my way in to it and got through 20 minutes nice and painlessly.  It was interesing getting used to the motion, but as soon as I did I seemed to set off at a good high tempo, although low resistance.

The second set was on the elliptical, which is going to take a bit of getting used to for me.  The ones I have used before have been pure ellipitcal machines, but this one does stepping as well so you need to keep the motion right.

I was surprised that I managed to get the heart rate up as much as I did.  Not sure whether I am being effective on it at the moment, but it did get a sweat on.  I seem to be doing long strides on it, but when you do shorter ones the power goes up on the machine.  Not sure I trust those readings though.

After I did a short row.  10 minutes on it just to add some extra exercise in.  I was rowing at a fairly low tempo, but trying to be powerful through each stroke and then managed a sprint for the last minute which got me through to 2200m, 200 more than the previous row.

Day 2

Interval session: 3 x (1200m at 5-10km pace + 4 x 300m fast inside 5km pace). 75-90 sec rest after 1200m, 100m jog after 300m and 2-3 minutes rest between the 3 sets.

For many reasons that was horrible.  I have not been feeling well for the last couple of days, it was warmer than it has been and since the run on Saturday the back has been really sore.  The legs did not feel it and I nearly joined the puke after the run session. I also had to walk some of the recovery bits, but some how managed to do the whole session.

Additionally, the track at BBH is not great.  It needs some TLC and there is no give in it at all.  Basically as hard as concrete.  Yes it was good to do on a track, but think I will find alternatives for future interval sessions.

There were a couple of brief pauses to have a drink and at the end of the run I had to avoid a juniors session that started on the track just before I finished, interesting weaving in and out doing the 300m high pace intervals.

The times I was working to was 4:15 to 4:30 for the 1200m sets and 4:00 to 4:15 for the 300m’s, but in teality I was going as hard as I could.

The three 100m blocks were 4:18, 4:21 & 4:27.  Although getting slower I managed to get them in the correct zone and an average of 4:22, which is exactly my 5k pb pace from Melbourne.

The the 300m blocks averaged 4:03, 4:05 & 4:08.  Again a gradual decline in pace, but an average of 4:05, so not bad compared to the 5k PB pace, especially as I felt rubbish all the way through.

Screenshot 2016-04-23 14.20.44Screenshot 2016-04-23 14.21.31HR IntDistribution - Int

Day 3

Group Run – If you cant do the group run then lets replace this with 40 minutes easy run at a fully conversational pace or 45-60 minute easy on the bike (turbo is fine).

Replacement ride for a recovery run, which was a replacement for a group run.  I could not find a group to run with, but the legs were not ready to run today, very stiff from the interval session, plus cold coming out (kill or cure), so I did an hours ride instead

Screenshot 2016-04-23 14.40.39Screenshot 2016-04-23 14.40.51

Day 4

Out and back run: run out for 20 minutes at a steady effort around 8.40/mile, turn and aim to get back 2 minutes faster on the same route.

Many lessons to learn.  Having a cold does not make running easier, the route through the wood was a lot more cut up than expected and caused problems finding a clear path to run on, I need to find a good method of ensuring that the elevation profile matches out and back (more climbing on the first part), running with DOMS hurts!, the back needs sorting as it really is not flexible at the minute and ducking under trees and with the rough ground is painful!

The out part was too quick, kept trying to ease back, but failed.  The return part I was struggling at times and the big hill caused me to walk a bit to recover.  The positive aspect was that I started running again and managed to be fairly quick on the last part of the run.

Screenshot 2016-04-23 14.50.29Screenshot 2016-04-23 14.50.58O&B HRO&B Dist


Day 6

Long run: 2 hours. Run the final hour as 3 minutes 10 mile race pace / 3 minutes steady (around sentence of conversation) continuously with no rest.

That felt really tough today. I think I am on the edge of my training limits, but the prep has not been good.  Not been feeling good all week and had a bad nights sleep.

A lot of the problems were in the mind, so I am pleased that I managed to get the will power to keep going through to the end.

The first hour was OK, pretty hilly again, but not running as fluently as last weekend on them.

I had to have a brief pause around 50 minutes due to technical problems with the running belt and headphones, as in I pulled them out and my hands were so cold I could not get the water bottle out of the belt.  Considering how I ws feeling, 5:24 was not a bad steady pace.

It did help though, that minute or so got the brain back in to focus.  Setting off again I hit the 10 mile pace section on a rolling but downhill section. Judging the pace was tough and the first one I had to run really quick down hill to try and counter the gradient.  Although I was under 4:30 pace it was about 5:00 adjusted. I was aiming for between 4:40 to 4:50.

However, despite the undulations I managed to get most of them in just about the right pace, when adjusted for the grade and overall I averaged 4:46 for these, so within the raget zone.

The last 3 were really tough and in to a wind that was stronger than I expected. Managed to battle through it.

I got through the HM point in about 1:53, which although a slower pace than last week it was still quicker than my Brighton Half time 2 months ago, which I was pleased with at the time.

This was my second longest run ever. The longest was 24.04 in August 2015, but the pace for that was 6:15, compared to 5:22 for today. I am sure I could have carried on through to the 24 mark if I had wanted to, but those extra couple of km’s would have been pretty slow.

Screenshot 2016-04-23 11.18.24Screenshot 2016-04-23 11.18.36LR HRLR Dist


Day 7

Road bike: 90 minutes relaxed riding

Get up, prepare, get all the kit on and it starts raining.  The type of rain that makes the roads greasy.  Given that I had a set time to do the ride I gave up on the idea of hitting the road so did 90 minutes on Zwift instead.  Legs felt quite heavy, but pretty good considering the half marathon distance yesterday.  I was easy all the way, but pleasantly surprised with the power based on the effort.


The Current Week

That was a tough week.  Not starting well with the back, but for once I managed to complete every session.  I do think that is about my max effort level.  Recovery has not been too bad over the end of the week.  More focus to be put on sleep and diet over the next 2 weeks.

New charts from WKO4 & Training Peaks

HRPowerScreenshot 2016-04-24 20.13.22

Blue = Critical Training Load (CTL), Purple = Acute Training Load (ATL), Yellow = Training Stress Balance (TSB), curretly at -17.7

Screenshot 2016-04-24 20.17.28

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-04-24 20.17.50Screenshot 2016-04-24 20.18.04

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-04-24 20.18.36

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-04-24 20.19.04

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-04-24 20.18.52

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