Coaching – Week 21

The final week before one of only a couple of A tagret races this year, find out how the week went and how it ended up…

Day 1

30 minutes relaxed + strides

That is about as relaxed as I can do a run.  I need to keep a little bit of pace, but this was relaxed.

Although I was not really measuring pace I did go through the 30 minute mark with a distance of 5.34km, so remarkably close to the planned amount.

I had made a bit of a boob when planning the strides and only had 2 repeats in. I had also put 30 second easy in between them.  Given this I added an couple of strides.  The first of the 3 extra’s was not really up to pace as I went from a standing start, so I ended up doing 5 in total.

It did feel like it took some time to get the legs stretched out and they were not really going until the last one.

The foot was hurting again, a manageable level of pain and nothing more than normal.  A bit frustrating as I went through a short period when it did not hurt so much.  Maybe psychological, but when I am running quicker it does seem to hurt less, so maybe something in the way I am running when slow.  The problem is in the area of the tendon/ligament where I had the operation and is mainly when pushing off.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 07.40.07Screenshot 2016-05-12 07.40.43

Day 2

5 x 3 minute build ups (60s) – Warm up + 1 minute zone 3, 1 minute zone 4, 1 minute zone 5 (at the low end of it!). No rest. Then jog for 60 seconds and complete 5 sets

The biggest problem with this work out was the fact that I can not add up.  I had set everything in the watch , but missed out 10 minutes of the time and when I was running I could not remember whether it was 30 or 40 minutes.

The good thing was that I did not miss any of the progression sets.  It was tough going and the first couple were a struggle to get up to zone 5, despite giving it everything I had, which I will say was not a lot.  It had been a tough day in the office, but I gave it everything.

One thing I do need to say is that the ankle feels like it is on the limit of what it will stand, so I am pleased no more running until Saturday.  I really want it to get through Hackney without it giving way.

I am pleased with the fact that the pace and HR does pick up as required in the sets.  The recovery was not too bad either.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 20.52.41Screenshot 2016-05-03 20.52.57

Day 4

30 minute easy spin on turbo

I did this a day early so that I could join up with a Ride London trainng group on ZWift.  This was my first time in a group ride and it was definitely more interesting than just going round.  A nice ride which was focused on 2w/kg, so it was always going to be a nice easy one.  I kept it comfy with just a couple of accelerations.  It was longer than the plan, but all nice and easy.

The way Zwift works is quite impressive as it does reflect a faster pace overall, which is what you would get from a group ride.

The average HR was very low, but the power was fine and as the ride was longer the effort propbably balanced the target amount.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 08.04.54Screenshot 2016-05-12 08.05.09

Day 6

20 minute shakeout jog

A nice little loosen up.  Not pushing too much, just outside of zone 2, which is about my easy pace nowadays.  Just trying to find the form in the legs. For once not monitoring pace, just running on feel.

The ankle is still sore and post Hackney I might have to think about getting it checked again.  I was warned it would take up to a year for the tendon to get fully strong again, but it has now been a year and the pain, although not bad, is still there with every step, especially at slower pace.

Hopefully it will remain the same level of pain through Hackney tomorrow.

I doubt it is the trainers I have as I get the pain when walking as well

The pleasing side to this easy little run was that it was actually a quicker pace than my first 10k in Melbourne.  18 months ago I would have struggled to run this pace flat out, now it is a cruise

Screenshot 2016-05-12 08.08.59Screenshot 2016-05-12 08.09.12

Day 7

Hackney Half

The full post can be found on my Hackney Half page.  That was a very tough run, but there were some pleasing aspects.  I was sensible and listened to my body, but even with 800m of walking thrown in and a very slow second half to the run, it was my second fastest half and statistically my best positioned one.  In % terms it was my best position overall, gender, age and category.  Category was only 0.1% improvement on North London, but every little helps!

Screenshot 2016-05-11 21.14.42Screenshot 2016-05-11 21.14.57Screenshot 2016-05-08 15.48.03

The Current Week

Overall I am pretty pleased with that week.  It was nice to do some tapering, but also some tough work at the beginning of the week.  Shame that I could not make it 7 from 7 pb’s, but the conditions beat me.  There is only one thing for it, work harder and smarter in terms of nutrition as well and be ready for the next challenges.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 07.18.39

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-05-12 07.19.23

Screenshot 2016-05-12 07.19.41

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-05-12 07.21.24

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-05-12 07.21.51

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-05-12 07.21.51

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