Coaching – Week 22

That was a fairly painful week, DOMS and the ankle, but it did not stop the training (completely), find out how I got on…

Day 1

Easy recovery focused swim

A nice gentle swim out in the morning to loosen the legs.  Nothing exciting on this, but nice and easy.  50 lengths of a small 14m pool, 700m in total at a pace of 2:52 per 100m, doing my slow backstroke

Day 3

Gentle progression run: start zone 2 progress to zone 3

A nice comfy start, felt very slow then started to get in to it more. The legs did not feel too bad, the ankle ached rather than pain and as I was running it felt like I was not quite balanced on it, which was proved by the L/R balance when doing the analysis. Not much out, but slightly.

The legs were fine in the run, but the challenge was that my nutrition has been off the last couple of days, which I have given myself a kick up the backside about. The mid afternoon protein shake was just sitting on the stomach and did not feel good at all.

When I was running the pace felt slow, but overall under 5:30 per km so quicker than I thought, which has to be a good sign.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.29.26Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.29.39

Day 4

Warm up well including some light strides. Run 6 minutes in zone 4 (threshold). Rest for 2-3 minutes before completing 4 x 200m hard inside 3km pace with a slow 100m jog recovery. Complete 4 sets with 2-3 minutes rest between sets.

That was tough. Not the muscles, but the ankle unfortunately.

I had got out of work later than planned and had one of those train journeys home where people are all over you, so not the best prep, but I did a warm up including some strides, but even then the ankle was sore.

The first 6 minute threshold was fine, not electrifying pace but I was at the lower end of Threshold and was around 10km pace. Then in to the intervals.

I was aiming for around 3:50 pace if possible. I had chosen a stretch of road that was flat and I could run down with very little traffic, so it was a lot of back and forth.

The ankle was sore on all of them but within tolerance, but on set 3 and 4 it was getting worse. I made the last set more of a run towards home and it was painful on the very last 200m, which was by far the slowest.

Again my GCT balance was out and I could definitely feel it when running. Slightly more out of balance than last time.

I had set the watch for between 3:50 & 4:05 pace.  Although I have not done a 3km race, based on my best performance for a 5k 4:05 should be about my pace for 3km, therefore I wanted to be as close to 3:50 as I could be.

Looking at the pace of the 200m sets they were pretty even. Mostly between 3:50 and 4:00 pace, with a couple below the 3:50 and then the last one was a lot slower. Even with that slower last one the average for the 200m sets was 3:56, which was well under a 3km pace and would have been about my 2km pace based on a race prediction website.

I did have to walk rather than jog in most of the recovery sets to help manage the impact on the ankle, plus I was blowing!

Taking the positive from this, I started the work out, there would have been times when I would have just not bothered after the journey home and being late. I finished the sets, it would have been easy to jack it in, which I nearly did in set 3, but I kept going and got through to the end

Screenshot 2016-05-12 21.43.45Screenshot 2016-05-12 21.44.02

Day 5

Recovery bike – 30 minutes

I had to skip this session due to work.

Day 6

2 hours 30 minutes easy – Keep the effort controlled in zones 2 and 3. Climbs can rise to zone 4 but try not to let it slip above threshold. 

The quads felt very tender before this ride, but did not cause any issues when out.

This turned in to a bit of an adventure. I was following a route that would take about 2 1/2 hours, but it took me down some bridleway that basically turned in to a field, so I had to get off and walk for 800m or so. I stopped the clock while I did this. It also meant I was quite slow over part of the terrain getting to and from the walking bit.

Also, as I was nicely back in to my rhythm I found that a road was completely closed, so had to double back and take a different direction, which cut off a mile or 2.

If it had not been for the 2 problems I would have got about 40 miles in the 2 1/2 hours.

I managed to keep the heart rate well under control and no peaks in to zone 4. The vast majority of the ride was in zone 2.

Definitely time to get the bike in for a service ahead of lots of miles coming up

Screenshot 2016-05-16 21.00.38Screenshot 2016-05-16 21.00.49

Day 7

Threshold: 5 x 6 minutes zone 4, pushing zone 5 for final effort (90s) – First 3-4 efforts zone 4, genuine controlled threshold before a little push on if you can in final 1-2 reps. All from 90s jog. Run easy after to make up a tougher long run this week.

I had to abandon this run before the last threshold effort. The pain in the ankle started to come on during the 3rd set and progressed during the 4th. I was at the end of the jog and decided to stop to see if I could free it up. After a stop, walk and attempt to start the jog again I had to abandon.

I was not able to do any more jogging, let alone threshold. Sadly it was too painful.

Until that point I was happy with how things were going, the warm up was fine, nice and controlled in zone 2 and the 4 sets I did complete were controlled in the threshold zone. I was focusing solely on keeping it all under control, which I think I managed. I could not push on much in the 4th one, mainly due to the ankle, although the effort was slightly up on the previous ones,

It is annoying that I could not complete this as I was feeling OK and could easily have done it had it not been for the ankle. If being honest I am not now sure what to do about it and am p*ssed off, but I will get my head back in to get and see what I need to do.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.17.18Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.17.30

The Current Week

That was a frustrating end to the week.  It had started OK and gradually got more painful.  This will demand some time off the feet to get the ankle sorted again before it gets even worse.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.32.16

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.32.50Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.33.02

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.34.13

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.34.38

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-05-17 07.34.24

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