Coaching Week 24

That was an up and down week, luckily finishing off on 2 strong, but very tiring, notes, with some new power, distance & v02 max records..

Day 1

Recovery run: 40 minutes + 5 x 80m strides – Complete the run at a conversational effort but add 5 x 80 metre strides after. Don’t sprint them, turn the legs over at a quicker pace nd focus on tall, light form.

I failed to get home at anything like a reasonable time.  I left work a bit late but nearly 4 hours to get home so no chance to train of any description.  I would not have been able to run due to the ankle, but would have wanted to do some form of ride if I could have.

Day 2a

20 minute easy recovery spin

As I did not have the turbo set up I hit the road instead for a short recovery spin.  It was a lovely orning and no one around, perfect for a little ride.

Screenshot 2016-05-29 18.58.26Screenshot 2016-05-29 18.56.51

Day 2b

70 minutes 2 x 10 min threshold [5 spin] + 10 x 2 minutes [1 min]

Another session I had to miss due to work and stupily delayed trains

Day 3

Intervals: 2km (10km) + 2 x (5 x 200m fast, 200m easy)

I was hoping to be able to replace this session with some gym work, but I did not get out of work on time and to the hotel with enough spare time to be able to do anything.

Day 4

This was due to be a rest day, but due to the missed sessions I added in a short Eliptical workout of 15 minutes and a 10 minute row.  The good thing about the row was that I got through 2184m, which is th emost I have done in my ten minute sessions.

Day 6

Turbo – 8 minutes threshold + 10 x 2 + 8 minutes threshold – Warm up with an easy spin then ride 8 minutes at threshold effort. Spin for 2 minutes then ride 10 x 2 minutes hard burns dropping cadence down to 70-80 rpm but upping resistance to get HR up and lift blood lactate. Take 60s spin recovery between each. Rest for 2 minutes before riding another 8 minutes at threshold back to 90-100 cadence.

That was tough, but I am very pleased with the fact that I did it and got a new FTP calculation of 234, up from 215. By far my highest and a very big jump.

The legs did not really feel good to start with, but after the warm up they felt better. Could not quite get the heart rate in to a normal threshold level, but the effort was good. I was heading up the mountain on Zwift, which is ideal for threshold work.

The low cadence high power burns are tough as that is very much against my normal riding style of high cadence around 100.  I was mainly riding up the hill on Zwift, but some downs as well so was having to crunch through the gears quite a lot to maintain the effort.  The focus was on keeping in the cadence range.

There were a couple of the efforts where I was not concentrating so much and either missed the end or start of them, but picked it up as soon as I realised.

I did start to fade in the last few blocks, but got through them all.  I was what you might call sweaty by that point!

I managed to keep good power down the mountain and then another threshold effort, where I was able to be in my normal threshold zone.

10 more minutes of warming down and done.

As well as the new FTP I got a record on my Garmin for 20 minute power of 247, up from 227, another big leap.

Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.08.42Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.09.03

Day 7

Road Bike – 4 hours inc hills + 3 x 15 (5) – In the first two hours include several climbs of 2-3 minutes (ideally 5-10). Ride the final hour as 3 x 15 minute hard pushes with 5 minute easy spin recovery. Make sure you do this safely on a clear bit of road.

After the effort yesterday the legs did not feel too bad for this ride.  I picked the same start as the ride last week, which toke me through 50 miles.  Slightly slower than last week, but as I was going longer that was not a problem.

I had some technical problems with the gps (still accurately recording, I had just not got it set right) at the start and had to resolve while still riding.  This meant that I had not got the pre programmed intervals up and running for the final hour.  I also shipped a chain early on, but after slowing I managed to flick it back on while still moving.

I had planned to try and hit the 3 hour mark on a stretch of road that I knew I could attack and was not far off that point.  Given that I had not got the gps set up right I decided to do 5km intervals with 5 minute or so recoveries.  I have the watch set to record laps at 5km intervals so that was a good way to be able to measure the effort and assess data afterwards.

This meant I did 4 5km efforts and mostly on the same stretch of the road, up and down.  The first one was mainly down and the return was up.

The very final one involved a turn for home and I have to say the tank was empty, and I was not able to push on that much.  These were tough to do as these started at 3 hours and after about 80km. I was pleased to have done them and to still be trying to pick things up even at about 100km in to the ride, even if there is not much of a pick up in power.

With the final 5 minute easy bit I pushed a little more as I was going to add in an extra couple of km as a warm down and stretch.  To be honest I did this to be able to ensure that I just nudged over my longest ride ever!  The good news was that the previous longest one took 4:57.  Although the guide was to do about 60miles, my pace meant that I did 66.68 in total, which was totally non stop, not even a comfort break!  I need to somehow find the extra 34 miles in my legs!

The final record for the week, a new v02 max recorded for the ride, up from 53 to 54.  I now need to convert these records in to speed and not just power.

Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.14.27Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.14.38

The Current Week

This week the summaries are more focused on Cycling as I have not run at all this week.  The end of the week was a lot better than the beginning!

Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.17.09

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.15.00Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.16.36


Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.19.25Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.21.17

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.19.51Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.21.42

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.19.35Screenshot 2016-05-29 19.21.29

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