Coaching – Week 26

A slightly odd week with lots of changes due to work and travel problems (again), plus lots of technical issues!  Still squeezed in just under 8 hours of training…

Day 3

The 2 activities for today were carried over from Monday due to the afore mentioned problems.

30-40 minute recovery swim – no specific sets

Having finally made it to the pool I managed a nice easy relaxed swim first thing in the morning before work.  One advantage of a day working from home meant I could get to the gym to fit this in.

Nothing special, just 900m of backstroke at a very slow pace of 3:20 per 100m.  I am definitely not a good or quick swimmer.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 20.39.03

2 x 15 (5) + 2 x (8 x 30s) – Warm up well then run to solid blocks of 15 minutes of threshold work from 5 minutes easy spin recovery. When finished ride easy for 5-10 minutes before riding 8 x 30s hard (high cadence) from 30 easy spin recovery. Then ride 2-3 easy before repeating the 8 x 30s.

The second part of the day was more energetic than the first.

That was a tough session.  I was trying to sort out the power meter and had a couple of aborted starts as it was not reading correctly.  Bit of a pain in the backside but all sorted now.

The other problem was the heat and humidity.  About 23c in the living and very humid.  I was a hot sweaty mess after just the first threshold block!

The legs were heavy after the swim, walk and core this morning, plus the full body yesterday.  The full body always takes its toll on the muscles.

I was aiming for the 140 or so mark in the HR, which I was under on the first one and over on the second, so not too bad overall. I was going up the Zwift mountain again and ended up on the toughest part at the end of the second block.

The average power across the 2 blocks was 229.

The hard spin session blocks were targeted at over 120 cadences, basically these were as hard a spin as I could give, in the biggest gear I could turn and going flat out.

Generally, I made these flat out efforts through the 20 second mark but then started to fade.

The last one in the last block I started late as I had mis counted!

The average power for the 30 second blocks was 328 with a max of 640

Screenshot 2016-06-08 20.53.13Screenshot 2016-06-08 20.53.25

Day 4

Knowing that I was not going to be around on Friday I moved the activities forward to Thursday, which was going to be tough backing up from the day before

20-30 minute easy run

The first run for over 3 1/2 weeks. Nice and steady on a hot day. No focus on speed or anything, just running by feel.

The ankle was fine, but the body could tell that it had not run for a while. The ankle did start to get painful at about 18 minutes, but nothing too much.

I did not feel very fluent, but was just keeping things under control. As it turns out the pace was pretty much spot on the target time, bit bad considering I was not really focused on it.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 20.33.51

5 x 4 minutes hard from 90s – Warm up with the run (if possible) then jump on turbo and ride 5 x 4 minutes hard, powerful burns with 70 rpm, big gear efforts, get that HR up. Take 90s easy recovery.

This turned in to a bit of an adventure.

I had everything set up ready for when I get back from the run, so a quick change in to cycling shoes and I thought I would be off, but no.

Just as I was jumping on the bike I saw that the rear tyre was totally flat. It had been fine the night before so I have no idea how it went flat. The valve was loose, so I pumped back up, crossed fingers and jumped back on.

I went straight in to the first hard block and tried to keep the tempo as close to 70 rpm as possible. Definitely not my favourite thing!

At the end of the set I noticed that the quick release on the rear wheel was loose, so had to stop and adjust that as well. The tyre was still fine.

Getting through the rest of the sets were tough, but done. The average cadence was 69 and all of them averaged power over 250. I was riding on the flats on Zwift and was in the big ring pushing the hardest gear as possible.

The other problem I had is that the HR monitor had not been picked up and did not notice until about 20 minutes, so no HR readings on Garmin before then, but they will be on TP due to the link to Zwift.

Then it was time to warm down, no problems and then all of a sudden the tyre was flat again. Luckily it only meant a loss of a couple of minutes warming down. That will be the job for Saturday to repair the trainer wheel. Luckily that is a spare wheel so no issues with doing the long ride on Sunday

Screenshot 2016-06-12 20.36.11Screenshot 2016-06-12 20.36.21


Day 6

Elliptical 45 mins inc 5 x 6 minutes threshold (90s)

After an unintentionally late arrival home last night, due to yet another night of chaos on the trains, and a poor night’s sleep, there was not much energy for this.

Also, after the hard turbo and run session the legs were feeling heavy.

I got through the sets at just under threshold, but kept it going nice and consistent all the way through.

With the additional row and recovery swim that was a good work out. A good long stretching session has now helped to make the legs feel better ahead of the big ride tomorrow

Screenshot 2016-06-12 20.26.39

The row was nice and relaxed.  Slightly higher resistance than normal but kept the pace down a bit.  The lack of energy was definitely telling.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 20.27.03

This was finished off with a very comfy relaxed swim while I had the time.  Definitely helped make the muscles feel a bit better

Screenshot 2016-06-12 20.27.29

Day 7

4hr ride with climbing final 2 hours – Most of the ride easy but include 10 hill repeats for 2-3 mins, focus on high cadence climbing in the saddle for first 5, then power out of the saddle on the last 5.

Weather fail, tech fails (too many of them), leg fail, not a good day all round.

I was all set for the long ride on the road, a challenging route with a suitable place for the hill repeats all set up, but as I was getting ready the heavens opened.  The rain was heavy and the roads soaked.  It would not have been an effective day of training a s there would have been a lot of cautious braking, so decision made to switch to the turbo.

However, when starting it appeared that the power meter batteries were going and despite trying to change them to new ones (which were not recognised) I had to stick with fading batteries. I think as a result Zwift was not talking to them properly and at times would effectively put the brake on or I would over spin, making the ride bloody difficult at times.  The final tech issue was that my internet went down for a minute, which interrupted the programme as well!

Trying to do the hill repeats was tough, I was using the Zwift KOM which I normally do in under 4 minutes, so that was the target place. I managed 4 before the body could not manage any more at a high tempo. I was also having problems with the gears (I could not get it in to granny gear), which I had not got set up right with the hasty change of wheel before the ride.

Oh well, one of those days, put it down as the bad day/experience. At least that is out of the way. Batteries to be replaced before tomorrow’s turbo.

The batteries have now been replaced and the gears sorted, so with any luck that is the last of the tech problems and I will be able to jump on it tomorrow and get riding.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 19.27.43Screenshot 2016-06-12 19.27.56

The current week

That was a challenging week, not so much for the training, but due to issues mainly outside my control.  It was good to be out for a run during the week, not quick or fluent, but back out there.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 19.34.27

8 Week Rolling summary

Screenshot 2016-06-12 19.34.45Screenshot 2016-06-12 19.35.28

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-06-12 19.36.04

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-06-12 19.36.33

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-06-12 19.36.15



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