On the final day of July I will be setting off for what will be the biggest 1 day challenge I have ever attempted.  Along with thousands of other riders I will be starting the Prudential Ride London 100 (miles)…

This is going to be a pretty epic challenge, 100 miles in one day , around 4500ft of climbing and somewhere between 6 & 7 hours in the saddle, hopefully no more than that!

Screenshot 2016-06-24 07.47.36


So why am I doing it?  I have asked this to myself a number of times.  It was one of those times when I entered with very little expectation of getting in and therefore the entry fee would go to charity.  Then I got the email to say I was in!  This is not easy as it is a ballot and I know a lot of people that failed to get in.  On that basis I just had to focus on it, knuckle down and get training.

I have been doing a lot of run training over the last year and cycling has taken a bit of a back seat, so it would mean a lot of changes to the schedule, with mileage both on the road and the trainer at home.

Once I was over the shock of getting in I thought about trying to do some good as well as getting fit.  I looked at the Alzheimer’s Society and saw that you could raise money for them if you had a place in the event.   That was an easy decision then, it was time to start to raise a bit of money for them.

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Buy why them and not one of the other very worthy charities?

I have had personal experience of seeing how dementia related symptoms can affect people.  From the outside it is not pleasant, but I can not imagine how frustrating & distressing it is to have them.  Anything that can be done to help and support sufferers has to be good.  With around 850,000 people in the UK with dementia the Alzheimer’s Society need support to help anyone worried about or affected by dementia.  They provide information and support, fund medical and social research, and campaign for better quality of life for people with dementia and greater understanding of the condition.

Everything they do is guided by the things people affected by dementia have said they want to see in their lives.

I would very much appreciate any support you can provide to the Alzheimer’s Society as this will go to help them support sufferers.  It will also help keep me motivated in the final weeks of training sessions, whether that is the long rides or the hard sessions on the turbo trainer.  I am working hard with the training and I have a coach who is setting demanding training sessions.  This is nothing in comparison to the suffering that people with dementia will feel.

To show your support you can click on this link.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

To find out more visit the Alzheimer’s Society website

I will try and provide updates over the next few weeks on how the training is going.  This has now started properly and I completed my first Sportive a couple of weeks ago, 100k around East Sussex in the Beachy Head Sportive.  The next one is coming up this weekend, another 100k ride to do, which takes in Box Hill, which was part of the Olympic road race course and features in Ride London.



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