Coaching – Week 28

Despite one or two challenges with the trains and something that should be a health and safety warning (do not walk down wooden stiars in cleats), that was a good week…

Day 1

45 minute elliptical – easy – Sorry dull as dishwater I know but important today

Well that was another day for a delay repay claim!  Trains screwed so no chance to train

Day 2

20 minute morning run – I know time is short in the morning – give this a try if you can.

One advantage of the current problems on the trains are the strikes, which meant a day working from home. I managed to have a bit of a lay in and get the run in.

Did not feel too bad running, ankle sore but low level pain, so that is good. I felt pretty fluent considering and was probably working a bit too hard according to the HR, but it felt easy. The higher HR may have been due to the stresses and unhealthy lifestyle caused by the trains, i.e. wine consumption to get through it!

Pretty pleased with the pace for this and fingers crossed with careful monitoring the ankle will stand up to increased running soon

Screenshot 2016-06-21 20.24.15Screenshot 2016-06-21 20.24.31

Turbo. 10 minutes wattage 240+ (3 mins) + 10 x 45 sec hard, 30 sec easy (3 mins) + 10 minutes wattage 240+ – 10 minutes wattage 240+ (3 mins) + 10 x 45 sec hard, 30 sec easy (3 mins) + 10 minutes wattage 240+  This session is about lactate clearance and control, as we have done before but with some short 30s blocks ahead of this weekends sportive.

Long live strike days! No delays as I was already home so I could get on the bike as soon as I finished work.

The legs felt a bit heavy from the run in the morning, but after the 10 minutes warming up they did not feel too bad.

For a change it was time for the Zwift Richmond course. Not such long climbs, but selecting the hilly route gives a good opportunity for using the hills for power outputs.

So after the warm up it was time to try and do over 240 watts for 10 minutes. On an up and down route it does mean lots of gear changes, so at times the power drops off when changing, but I am pleased with the average over the 10 minutes of 244.

Next were the hard blocks and this was the first time I had managed to hold most of them through to the end. 45 seconds for each of them was a bit longer than previous, but I basically put it in highest gear I could and went for it. The average across the sets was 320 watts, with a high one of 366 and a low of 296. The power was generally reducing across the sets, but I will take that.

Then it was back to another 10 minute block. This was tougher and I did start to struggle with 5 minutes to go, but still managed an average power of 240! Not bad at all.

Across the whole work out the average was 190w, with a normalised power of 221 and max of 645.

When you take out the warm up/down and the recoveries, the average was 306, which across 27.5 minutes I think is pretty good.

For the first time in a while I got off the turbo and was happy with what I had achieved.

I may be bringing forward the sessions on Thursday to Wednesday (another WFH day due to expected train problems), so that will test the power of recovery.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 20.24.51Screenshot 2016-06-21 20.25.04

Day 3

35 minute easy run – touchwood things are still progressing.

Moved to Wednesday morning from Thursday due to availability

After moving this to Wednesday to make the most of the chance of not being scuppered by the trains, I am pleased with this. I know that it should have been done before the ride, but time dictated what I could do.

Despite the run yesterday and the turbo last night the legs did not feel too bad. I set out to run it super easy and just got in to a nice rhythm. Again probably a bit too quick, but it feels natural and comfy.

The last 1km or so did feel a bit more hard work and not sure I would have wanted to run a 10km, but overall I am pleased with how it went, good average pace of 5:22km.

There was pain in the ankle every stride, but low level and did not worsen through the run and no worse than yesterday. I will take that as a good sign as I was expecting it to take a couple of days to settle down again.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 20.09.17Screenshot 2016-06-22 20.09.32

40 minute turbo with 5 x (2/1/30) – 40 minute to include 5 sets of 3 minutes 30 secs. 2 minutes wattage 250 ish, 1 minute hard, 30 sec out of saddle hard efforts (no recovery). After each 3.30 set back off and spin easy for 90s.

Moved to Wednesday evening from Thursday due to availability

Everything was going well, finished work, I was ready to start on the ride, but I had to go back up stairs for something. By this time I had my cleats on and on the way down I slipped (foot went from under me) and fell to the bottom. A bit batter and bruised, but hopefully nothing serious. Grabbing things to stop the fall pulled the shoulder and I have bruises on the back, shoulder, ankle, wrists and arms.

As a result I just had some pain killers and jumped straight on the bike. I did not want things to stiffen up or anything.

So on with the ride. A 5 minute warm up where I tried to vary the power and cadence to get the legs flowing.

I was trying something a bit different on Zwift and going for the flat route, which meant I would be able to focus on the power on the flats rather than using the climbs to generate it.

No major problems with holding the 250 power across the 5 sets. In fact the average across the 5 was 250.2, so pretty accurate! The averages were between 260 and 242. I was starting to struggle on the last one, the one at 242.

The hard one minute efforts I struggling with a little. The top end power was not there and I could only average 253.8, with a peak of 262 and min of 242. I was trying to do very high cadence spins, whilst producing the power.

The standing 30 secs are very counter to my normal riding style of high cadence in the saddle. The first one I made a bit of a horlicks of getting it up in to a big enough gear and was in and out of the saddle. The only averaged 218w. Beyond that one though it was better, especially the last three at 299, 299 & 319. I was definitely getting in the rhythm. The overall average was 276, but discounting the first was 290.

Overall the average power was 179, but if you take out the warm up and warm down it was 226, and if you take out the recovery spins it was 260 over 15 minutes.

Not too bad considering, especially backing up yesterdays power ride.

Fingers crossed there are no after affects from the fall, but I expect to feel a bit battered for a couple of days.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 20.02.35Screenshot 2016-06-22 20.02.48

Day 5

Optional 20-30 minute recovery spin on turbo – Conscious volumes will be quite high this week so drop this if tired.

Nice comfy spin out.  Please with the outputs while keeping it pretty easy all the way, with an average of 179w.  I was on the Zwift flat route again and it does allow for a more steady output on the power

Screenshot 2016-06-26 20.20.46

Elliptical 45 minutes with 7 x 4 minutes with HR up to 145ish if you can, 60s recovery

Other than the trains not being great I had decided not to do this due to the shoulder, which is sore after the fall down the stairs the other day.  I want to make sure that it is OK for the ride on Sunday.

Day 6

20-30 minute shakeout run

Pretty comfy run, feels like the tempo is returning a bit, although after about 3km I could really feel the lack of running in the legs, the fluidity went a bit.  Pleased with the pace as I managed to keep pretty close to easy HR through the run, just outside it on average

Screenshot 2016-06-26 20.19.35

20 minute easy recovery swim

Again, decided not to do this due to the shoulder.  Backward rotation would not be good and as backstroke is the only thing I can do I have opted not to risk it

Day 7

London Sportive

The full details of the ride can be found on the London Sportive page but that was a good ride, cruising up Box Hill and still managing a pretty good flying lap round the Herne Hill track, even managing a new record max power on the route of 731, pretty pleasing

The Current Week

Despite the challenges of the week, trains and throwing myself down the stairs, that was pretty good with a great end to it in the sportive

Screenshot 2016-06-26 19.48.09

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-06-26 19.48.36Screenshot 2016-06-26 19.48.56

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-06-26 19.49.18

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-06-26 19.49.40

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-06-26 19.49.28



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